Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Facebook Messenger

  • Chat   with   your  facebook   friend  on  fb instant messenger.

  • Stay  connected  while  surfing  the  web,watching,  videos,  playing  a  game  or  working.

  • Facebook  messenger  allows  you  to  use  facebook  chat  without  having  to  be  logged on  to  facebook .

  • IM   with  all  facebook   friend  ,faster  than  you  do  on  facebook .

  • All  the  goodies  with  free  one  click  download.
You  can  chat  facebook  messenger   Anywhere  and  Everywhere   behind  firewall. 
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Monday, July 30, 2012

Online games entanglement

  • Entanglement   is  a  puzzle  game  made  by  gopherwood  studios 
  • you  can  play  up to  five other  people on the same computer  in this  Hot seat  variation.
  • if  you have  installed  entanglement .you  can  play  without  connection  internet.
  • unplug and  enjoy  until you achieve  a goal. 
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Sunday, July 29, 2012

How i add a post on website clearly

Description :

  • Evernotes  clearly  make  blog post and  articles  clean and easy to read.
  • Clearly eliminates  all distractions  from  yours  online experience 
  • Even  allow  you to browse multi-pages  in one,  and seamless  view
  • connect clearly  evernotes to clip and sync   from  computer, mobile phone, tablets you use.
  • make  it  for you and  save it for  later.
  • if you want upload huge file  on evernote .there is  premium pack available .
  • its  gives  ten bigger option  available .
  • there are  surprised  upload, top priority support,offline  note book ,work line togather,note book, large file bigger notes,faster image recognition , pin lock,hide promotion ,Pdf  file  available  options .

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Cut the rope a new online game

Description  :

  • New  handy candy  level  pack  cut  the rope.
  • its   a new  expriments  for  all .
  • the  robo  arm  catch   release  and drop  mouth  into  om nom mouth.
  • cut  the rob  is the  new  online zebtolab  award  winning   mobile  game.
  • cut the rob to start  the game  move the robo  arms  release  the candy into  om nom's mouth and  collect shiny star  unlock the new level.
Features :
  • 150  new  expriments  levels  its gives  6 more color full  settings  and more to come .
  • cut the rope 6 level pack available , getting start ,shooting the candy ,sticky  step ,rocket science, handy candy ,bath time.
  • zebtolab gives  more game play elements  like rope gun,suction cup, water, robo arms
  • its a free online game . share to every one .

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Internet tv


  • Picture   Quality  : Picture  engine  quality,Intelligent  peak   LED,Motion  Technology,Clear  Resolution  Enhancer  , Digital  Noise  Reduction  ,Full  HD  1080P,
  • Entertainment   Network : Opera  Tv, Web  apps  made  for  yours  Tv, Videos  Unlimited  ,Music  Unlimited  ,Youtube  & Internet  videos , Social  Nerwork ,Skype  more.....
  • Connectivity :  Wireless  Lan , Wi-fi  Direct  Mode, Media  Remote, Bravia  Sync, DLNA  certified , Music  &  Videos  search  ......
  • 3D  Brilliance  :  3D  super  Resolution  , 4x  High  speed  3D  Panel  , 3D  in  full  High  Definition  ,Auto  3D  depth  Adjustment  ,Active  3D viewing .....
  • Design  : Monolithic  ,on/off  consious, 6" upward Tilt ,
  • Eco- Friendly  :  Scene  optimized  energy  saving, Light  sensor, Presence  sensor.
  • Other  Quality  :  Sound  quality  , i-manual  ,Quick  start & viewing ,Photo  frame  Mode, Usb  play, Fm  radio,
  • Accessories  : 3D  glasses,  Bunchin   stand  ,  Skype  camera , USB wi-fi  Dongle,  HDMI cables.

See  what   you  expect from this   .you  can  get  all  feature  in   this  SONY  BRAVIA  HD  INTERNET  TV.......ENJOY 
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Facebook Pages

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Safe your kids online

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