Friday, August 31, 2012

A New Interface Paypal Available with your Andriod Apps Phone

A updated version of paypal now support with your Andriod apps can  send remittance your money or Settling your debt from your friend,send currency as it you like freely.Check your account status,check out your counterbalance or show a previous statement.

Paypal extra ingredient:
Before you add money to paypal account take a  clip of photo with a andriod apps phone,paypal reproduce local feature that can help direct merchant to deal,those who can hold paypal account access with paypal Here service.if you see paypal service that safe and secure for your online transaction dealing.
How about a paypal Here service:
As a wholesaler who can recieve and paid direct with a paypal andriod apps phone,To do this perform Download paypal Here service from google apps store and start you work.

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fundamental : What is a psr.exe File in Windows 7

Are you working with windows 7 operating system ,Sometimes you might get stuck with win 7 programme or file,In that case windows 7 provide to recover the programme or file, OPEN---->windows 7 click start button,select Run--->type in search box  psr.exe or  Record steps to reproduce the problem.
Below image guide you how to enter psr.exe file


open your windows click start-control panel-in control panel top right see search box Type=record steps to reproduce problem.



 Above uploaded image guide you how to resolve windows 7,just record the programme or file in windows  to save the file where gives a zip format to exract it,open exract file you  see screenshot visibile,this one you can send e-mail your friend or technical support deparment to rectify the problem in windows 7.

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Chapter-7 : Html Tables

table tags


Html tables stands for <table> tags,table tags are divided into rows,Row carry on to data cell.
To create html tables below given tags are more important to build.
<table> ---gives description table
<tr> ----gives description table row
<td> ----gives description table cell
<colgroup> ---a group of columns
<caption> ----its defines table caption
<col/> ----attribute value to one or more column
<thead> --group of header
<tbody> ---group of body content
<tfoot> ----footer content.

Open your Notepad,Edit your Html tables tags

To create a Row,Column and cell:
You can see how html code act below,to perform html table tags.
<p>To create row and column and cell</p>
<h3>One row three column</h3>
<table border="1">
<h3>Two row and three column</h3>
<table border="1">
<h3>Table border</h3>
<table border="7">
<h3>Very Thick border</h3>
<table border="15">
Finally you will get result,Below given.

Html tables defines without border and with border header: 
See how html table act here,
<!DOCTYPE html>
<h3>html tables no border</h3>
<table border="0"
<h3>html table header</h3>
<table border="2"
html table with border header
Html tables tags without border & border with header

Html table tags caption:
Edit with html caption and cell span one row or one column.
<!DOCTYPE html>
<table border>
<caption>BUYING APPLE</caption>

These are all element that support html table tags to build as a part of website.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Free Studio 5 Audio/Video/Image Benefits and Reviews

Tips500 readers recently i was looking for audio,video,image to convert and download file,that could help me to change my hole enthusiasm,yes! later i find one freeware software that gives unique interface to do my work,its really impressed me.i suggest to my tips500 visitors to download and install this extraordinary software.
All in one :
Free studio 5 is a single investment with 47 freeware software,download,rip,convert,upload the file.while you download its free from spyware and adware,this software do self-ruling all kind of format like audio,video,photo and image processing,this software has all capabilities to do. 

To go this website visit:

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

iExplorer 3 gives Best apps


A glimpse of iExplorer:
iExplorer holds collection of alloy,This platform support iphone,ipad,ipod to mac and computer pc, transfer couldn't be difficult.if you search appropriate path,listen to direct computer device with drag and drop choice.single touch button padding ready for use to imitation the songs.
Stay away a copy:
From device or computer bunch of music stock disperse.iExplorer help from duplicates to computer and it will arrange you music library,iExplorer skip duplicates from you itune device,its stop dusty ipod music library.
Music changing is a simple way with iExplorer:  
Are you entering a new path,break up,delete music or merging data from varies ipad,ipod,iphone to mac or computer, iExplorer kits helps orderly.iExplorer fix and bring back your itune collection for ipad,ipod,iphone with' AUTO TRANSFER' button which trace you itunes.
Mass image ipod & iphone find mac and win explorer:
Disk space ready for use ipod,iphone,ipad to flash drive.backing up facilities,To view iphone photos file in win explorer,if you want save file in ipad, iExplorer helps to take them access anywhere.
iExplorer Utilities: 
outlook,browse,feed your contact in address book,save your file and export to iphone,ipad with history find from iphone,drag and drop solution all are going to be single click selection.iExplorer tools do for sms and imessage get clearly wave,In iphone ,ipods photos and videos are made tough encoded format and different kind of database.iExplore best tools to view and export the image and videos. not only support photos and videos,its care movies and Tv show,media device you download from buy in itune.
iExplorer is a leader:
iExplorer finds any kind of apps,like file and folder.

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How to clear browsing history in your web browser

While you browsing your web pages like social network,watching videos,reading newspaper,downloading software,listening via online Mp3 and many more you do,mean time you feel your webpage getting slow or yours system getting poor that time what you will do?starting here to give full support to my tips500 visitors 

Open your web browser on internet explorer 

You can see top of left 'Tools' click once,above picture shown demo.
While you click tools,the new screen will open on IE shows like DELETE BROWSING HISTORY (ctrl+shift+del)or go to internet option click.see below picture.


Finally what ever you browse webpages data on internet explorer totally it will be delete.
Ok lets move to google browser,how to do delete browsing history.
Open your google search engine.see below image how they are acting.

I hope my post will useful for new internet user.

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Popular Webhosting Company few list


Tips500 visitors thinks why don't we start a website,its impact has brought us here,lets we move one step forward,if you have newly create  website, you have to find a good webhosting service provider that gives you to highlight a newly created websites to the internet,coming to the point there are lot of webhosting service provider,But you have to know which is a best service provider is,Here are some webhosting service provider that gives you bright future to a newly  website into the world.




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Friday, August 24, 2012

Bitdefender a top powerful Total Internet security

Bitdefender Antivirus & Internet security

Bitdefender user:
Bitdefender total internet security more than 400 million pc user world wide accepted.
Shopping & Banking: 
You can do e-shopping & e-banking keep away from hackers with iron clad  search browser.
Secure things:
If you lost your things like laptop or netbook bitdefender support to locating or locking you system.
Bitdefender support your browsing:
While you watching movies,videos,listen mp3,download software and more,its act like auto pilot.Never going to layoff  your pc or making to delay.
Bitdefender build:
Security widget,Antivirus control,Rescue mode,Virtualized browser,Vulnerability scanner,Remote management,Scan dispatcher,Personal data filter,Chat encrption,Bitdefender online dashboard,File shedder,File encrption are build in this Bitdefender Total internet security.
Stable protection:
Bitdefender protect links from Social network friends as a privacy setting,Antiphishing,newly add USB Immunizer,improved Parental control,Antispam,Two-way Firewall,Tune-up your pc to find out unnessary files and registry option to perform good.Enhance bitdefender safebox  to safe important document and files where you can access with  pc,tablet,iphone,ipads,Andriod phone requirement storage of 2GB.
Recommended system:

Operating system:Winxp,win7,winvista,Hardiskspace:2.8GB,CPU:Intel duo core or equvalent processor,Ram:1GB,(Winxp).


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Best 5 free online website builder to create own website

Tips500 visitor let us we talk about ,how to create a free online website ,Would you think it is hard to create free online website, In my knowledge it is very easy to a create website,If  you desire ,The best 5 free website builder via online ,you can pick one of them ,which is given below to create own successfully website.
Just click to edit anything and create your own website in can get benefit to change background,text,color picture and more to create unique supports to create mobile website,facebook pages,blogs and more.

In Webnode you can create personal website fast and free,webnode provide wide variety  of modern templates,To create website free no need download,installation,no technical support required.

Freely you can create website professional templates ,powerful building tools available and Business provides  premium package  in this package you can find out insightful web analytics and seo optimization even rank your website via google,bing so you can get top search engine list.

You can create free professional Weebly website builder without experience has drag and drop option available in weebly.easy blogging via drag and drop you can add photos,videos and make it  easy.
tons of Multimedia features like photo gallery,videos,Mp3 and more.even you can  download and install on mobile to make post and manage. 
In this website you can get unique free format and auto format modes available.unique graphics design buttons available,easy  editor,sell your product on this can registar your domain that visitor can easily to access your site. 

In this session you will get some best 5 free online website builder.please feed back your comments below given.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Web of Trust features ( WOT )

Web of Trust (WOT):
WoT is trustworthy online search tools,it gives to you websites alarm,indicates three types of color to stop access untrustworthy website.when you going to purchase online shopping are search webpages WOT indicates you whether to access are not,WoT user are rated by million of fans ,who are experience with WOT (Web Of Trust ),if you searching webpages via  google chrome ,yahoo or Bing to social network shows safe site,Its  highlight green,yellow,and red icon next to the you trust before search link site it could not happen trouble,Now you start download add-on any search engines browser which you like.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Online games Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs Zombies :
Battles 26 types of zombies with 49 zombie-zapping plants,50 adventure levels,20 Mini-games,Puzzles and Servival modes and the zombie-free zen garden.

Mac and Andriod :
Fun dead action on your Mac and Andriod.

High definition Ipad:
Play up to 11 simulteanous touch point,Battle through 4 game mode and mini games in ipad only.
Windows Phone 7: 
In mobile fun loving zombies available in your home,Defense your arsenal of plants ,Use peashooter ,Wallnuts,Cherrybomb and more to mulchify 26 types there in zombies.
Nintendo Ds,Nintendo DSi,Playstation network,these are all fun dead action plays.Xbox :Plants vs Zombies for Xbox 360 is Loaded with seven games modes,fun dead action for Xbox live enjoy...

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How to Remove Computer Virus

If you computer infected with a virus.immediately remove as soon as possible.If you want to  check fast way,use online scanner or subcription software available on website and freeware online  software like microsoft safety scanner helps to identify and remove viruses clean up hard disk and normally it improves your computer standardize.
To run microsoft safety scanner:
  • Go to microsoft security scanner webpage to download scanner.
  • Click download then follow the instruction given on screen.
If you cannot connect microsoft security scanner online .Try to restart your computer in safe mode with enable networking.
  • To restart your computer.
  • You see the computer logo,press and then hold the F8 key.
  • Advanced Boot options screen,use arrow key to hightlight safe mode with networking and then enter.
  • Finally follow the steps above given to run microsoft security scanner. 
Remove virus manually:
If you have experience with the  windows registry to view and delete system and programe files in windows.
Recovery system :
After you removed virus from computer,you might need to check whether your driver software corrupt or you need to reinstall regular basis you take backup files,it will help when your data will affect.if you haven't take backup now start to take backup,In future it will use.

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How to fix Common Sound and Audio in Windows

This tutorial gives small tips for windows user,how to fix a common sound and audio in windows.sometimes you can't hear sound in your windows .take it easy  .windows gives three way you can fix the problem.
Fix sound card-1
Make sure your windows have sound card or sound processor ,and it's working properly.
All you have to do .
  • Open your Device Manager 
  • Click  Start button
  • By clicking System and Security and then under system
  • Click Device Manager if you prompted for an administrator password or conformation ,Type the password or conformation password.
  • Double clicking your supporting category like Sound ,video and game controller to expand in your windows.Find out your sound card listed.if there is sound card not listed in windows .Check the information it came with your computer.Before using computer install sound card.
if you can't fix sound and audio, use troubleshooter this one automated tool that can fix your computer.note:Different versions of windows use troubleshooter different way.
Update your Drivers-3
Always make sure is there driver installed .most sound card or sound processor required to work software  properly.outdated ,incompatible or corrupted sound card drivers disturb between computer and sound system.power outage,viresus attack, or computer will corrupt the drivers .if you download the latest versions of drivers software you can resolve the problem as soon as possible. Note: (1)Windows update (2)Install the software from device production (3)Find out your drivers online download and install.

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

A special View: How to Use Evernote ?

Evernote makes it easy  to remember things big and small from everyday life using your pc.Tablet,Phone,and Web.
Pc to Mobile sync:
Your notes,web clips,files,and images are made on all device and pc.
Remember :
While you watching everthing cool and exciting you see online and in the real world .you can snap photos,videos,audio and save it.
save your entire webpages your Evernote account via web clipper browser extension .you can save web page ,text,and links.
Evernote plan:
Share your projects notes to friends,colleagues, classmate.while you travel abroad are somewhere else you can keep maps,scanned travel documents, on Evernote .so you will have them When you  need them.

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How to Insert Image into an Html

Html Image :
Html images are define with <img>tag.This image (img)tag is empty,It contains attributes only and has no empty tag.
TO display on a need to src attributes (src stand for source).The value of the source attributes is the URL of want to display url of image.
The <img> tag and src attributes
<img src="url" alt="few_text"/>
<img src="bus.png" alt="bigbus"/>
alt attribute specifies an alternate text for an image.if image cannot be display.value of the alt attribute is an author-define text. 
<img src="bus.png" alt="bigbus" weight="325" height="225" />
Height and weight attributes are used to specify height and weight of an image.Attributes values are specified in pixel. 
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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

'Islamic' Social Network called Salamworld

Salamworld is a  social Network based on Islamic idea of

teamwork.salamworld express allow to honesty  through different community.this social network gives chance every user to claim about social thinking and attraction. salamworld social network is set to be launch indonesia in november.salamworld says under Islamic law .they filter indecent subject,ponography and illegal drugs.salamworld anounced going to be produce eight language English,Arabic,Turkish,Urdu,Russian,French,Malay are coming soon  INSHAA ALLAH...
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HCL Me Y2 3G tablet new arrival


HCL Infosystems Ltd, India has launches a new latest enable 3G Tablet HCL Me Y2 This third generation tablets from HCL Infosystems .HCL tablets look like stylish and new

modern era.HCL install new Operating system and design specially for Indian user.
Gadget :
HCL tablet also has useful application like Twitter,Linkedin,3D Digital Weather Clock,Games,and many more.....
Operating systems :
Andriod OS 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
2-megapixel rear camera and 0.3-megapixel front camera available with enable videos chatting with HD display.
HCL screen:
7-inch multi touch capacitive screen with a1024*600 pixel display.
HCL processor:
Power full Cortex A9 and 1 Ghz processor runs smoothly on a HCL Me Y2.
1GB Ram and 8GB internal memory along with a memory card slot that can add maximum 32GB.
Slot :
HCL Me Y2 has a mini USB ,mini HDMI and microSD card slot there.
Battery :
Powerfull 4000 mAH battery its deliver for long hours of High-definition to playback video.
HCL Me Y2 enabled with Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity.
The new HCL Me Y2 offers 3G Tablet in Indian market economical Rs 14,999.
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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How to create links in an Html

Html link or Hyperlink is a word,set of words and image that you can click on to skip new document or a new section with in current page.when you place cursor  on to the link side the cursor will turn into hand image.

Link are specifies to Html <a> tag .
<a> tag can works into  two ways.
(1) To create document <a>tag used before href  attributes.
(2) To create bookmark inside document ,you have to use a name attributes. 


<a  href=''''>techfortips</a>
<a> = tag specifies for link
href= attributes specifies destination of link
url = type your website address ( )
link text = you website title. (techfortips )

Open your notepad with web browser or recommended software you can use for html links.
Step -2

 You set the target attributes to the link will open in a new browser window/tab.

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