Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Best 5 Torrent Site for Music,videos,Files Downloading

Torrent is a search index site,You can download and upload your files from Bit Torrent data base  like a music,videos,data and more you can do.To perform from torrent site simply install  torrent extension on your Laptop or Computer desk top that connect from torrent site,Those who need download to  find a file from torrents database.You can get all kind of format files from user that they shared on bit torrent client server.So now I am going to display the best 5 torrent sites to help user pick up the best one to access on torrent site. 

Isohunt is a one of the Bittorrent index search.More than 1.7 million database keywords available on Isohunt.  

The Pirate Bay:
This amazing torrent gives you list of entertainment to track and download.

Torrent is a fast and free to get indexed from dozen of torrent sites.

KickAss Torrents:

Simply free torrent site,User can download music,videos,tv serial,tv show and more you want.   

Torrent Downloads:
peer 2 peer file sharing torrent supports to download and upload.

That's it,Please feed your comments below comment Box.If you know more torrent site,Let us know here.

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

windows 8 Surface Tablet Feature List

 A new arrival windows 8 surface tablet with window RT,This is a first surface tablet from the microsoft company,If you are personal or Business user no need to think about new brand style windows 8 surface tablet,it's supports all you way with busy working condition.Now i am going to list windows 8 surface tablet that how going satisfy the customer to buy this new stylish hand free set.

Windows 8 surface tablet:

  • Operating system|is most important in this tablet windows RT and microsoft home and student 2013 preview edition added.

  • External|Take anywhere any place easy yes! less than 1.5 lbs only.

  • Space|If you see disk space Two type of capacity 32 GB and 64 GB.

  • Display screen|is a high definition clarity,if you see ratio 16:9 wide spread.

  • Memory|start from 2 GB with NVIDIA T30.

  • Wireless and Blutooth|Advanced wi-fi installed and Bluetooth transfer speed 4.0 tech.

  • Battery consumption |up to 8 hours standby.

  • Camera Focus|two side with 720 pixel two way recording.

  •  Audio and Video|internal two micro phone and external stero speakers available.

  • Windows apps|mail,message,msoffice,skydrive,IE 10,Bing search engine,video,Mp3 and more you can access.

  • Add-on |Black and white touch cover added on windows 8 surface tablet.
That's it,So ready to buy a new stylish windows 8 surface tablet.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Best 25 Cloud drive storage online

Cloud storage is a online storage,Where you can store data online network by third parties.people who can higher cloud storage to save their files,docs and share their videos,image via cloud storage.Here is the best 25 Cloud storage service which i selected and given below.

1.Amazon Cloud Drive:

Amazon gives you 5 GB online storage for user's to store their data and share fast and securely in Amazon Cloud Drive.


Adrives secure your personal and business,It will do editing and sharing files online.You can access where ever you want.You can store in the ADrives cloud up to 50 GB.

Securing Google Docs,word,excel,Pdf and more you can share via online that you can share anything you supports all kind of operating system.


Carbonite is a best backup plan and online cloud service that you can safe and secure.


This cloud service gives you 2 GB of online cloud storage with this package save your photos,videos,file and more.

6.Elephant Drive :

On cloud storage your files will be automatically back-up with full security.Export your file any place you want.Fast web surf and without software you can download you preferred file from Elephant Drive.Created files can send and share with links.  

7.Files Anywhere:

Share your file from any place directly from your cloud storage.Drag and drop your file for uploading,On cloud storage which you stored Data with powerful search engine can get your file via keyword,Text,comments,date,Name.Edit your Photos from your direct account.

8.Free Drive:

Upload your any place you want,Share your files from selecting a category like friends,Public,Private.Save your videos,music,Docs on 1 GB free cloud storage.


Access files anywhere can share files and create a direct link for download,email and instant message and many more options.secures file data on snap you photo,videos and docs on snap drive cloud storage.2 GB free storage space on snap

Safesync is cloud storage work with personal business, In personal you  can share photo,video,Docs and more you want.In business works with coworker and team partner can share files safe and secure.

11.File Qube:

File sharing cloud service file qube.

12.File Den:

In file den files are kept secure and safe.You can link file directly from computer,anywhere you can share your files. 

13.File Genie:

This cloud storage support File transfer protocol to access web based file transfer.


Mozy online cloud storage support business related works .

15.Jungle Disk:

Secure data,online backup,share files in jungle Disk.

16.Open Drive:

Files and Docs are kept  Online backup storage and cloud storage management .

17.Sky Drive:

Easy  way for personal user to transfer data,edit your docs and directly can access anywhere from place.


This one support personal user like contact details,Photos,Books and more.

19.Store gate:

This cloud service available two type personal and business,Transfer from mobile to cloud storage service,It acts like online storage to keep secret docs,files and more.

20.Google Drive:

This product for personal user's very convenience to store data,files,photos,videos and more access from place.


4shared gives you 15 GB space for personal to keep files and uploading and downloading and share files online.


Monthly paid cloud service it gives unlimited storage space with secure sites.

23.Flip Drive:

Save your Data on cloud storage,It keeps your file online location and share anywhere any place.

24.Live Drive:

Single product unlimited online service without interrupt.


Share your files online and your Photos,secure links keeps that friend can access your data with your permission.

Your Feed back and comments ,Below comments box please.

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