Friday, February 1, 2013

Get a new experience with Blackberry Z10

Experience with Blackberry Z10

Today, The demand for mobile is increasing all over the World. Not even elder or younger everyone has their favorite mobile device. The uses of mobile to Chat social network, video sharing, Apps Download,Share images one mobile to another device,You can Take photos high definition with a Mobile device, That will make you think. So it would be easy to carry anywhere end of the world. Here I am going to review Blackberry Z10 that's going to be helping you to work fast.

Blackberry Z10:
  1. Blackberry offers his mobile phone picturesque view with Height 130mm, Width 65.6mm and Depth 9mm are added with 137.5 g weight to carry quite easy. Fully touch screen type with navigation based. Offering Blackberry Keyboard that you can rotate Landscape or Portrait with Text recognition and auto correction with this new Blackberry engine. To control volume up/down and save energy power on/off are respectively located on Blackberry left and right side of the body.

  2. The screen display 1280*768 clarity provide with 356 pixels per inch. Full screen size is 4.2'' with the aspect ratio in Blackberry phone.

  3. With this mobile the whole device running with Blackberry 10 operating system.

  4. Given the speed and efficiency compared with the smaller laptops

  5. Save your images, files, Documents which you created in a smaller Removal memory position up to 64GB.

  6. Charge your mobile device and transfer Data via USB 2.0 Cable.

  7. The main thing you need to keep power maintain that gives you up to 13 days life.

  8. Blackberry provide a front and rear camera to get a nice video shoot with High definition.Giving you 8Mp auto focus camera.2 MP front to chat video call.

  9. Multimedia file format can do Video, Audio and image support to produce in this mobile device.

  10. Blackberry allow you to download some popular apps without interrupt.

  11. About the security concern Blackberry secure your data keep separate from hackers.

  12. Mini light lamp available on top of the head panel.

  13. High speed internet connection available in this mobile.3G acceptable to chat video call with clear voice and video image.Long range of Wifi internet configured. 

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