Thursday, January 31, 2013

How to Change Dropbox Language from the website

Setting  your language manually on Dropbox website is an easy way that you can share your Document,photos,videos and save files in Dropbox Folder.The Dropbox website available In seven languages they are English, French,German,Italian,Korean and Spanish. One of the Known Language support you to access files and folder.Here is the Option how you can set manually Language in Dropbox Website.

Choosing your language from the Dropbox website:

Log-in Dropbox website.On the home page down end you can find "more"click once then hole language will display.

After finding ''more'' choose a language to set your preferred one on the home page.

In home page on the top right near username can find drop down menu click once the small screen will appear than Wish to click ''settings''

Once you click on''Setting''.It will take you another page down end find world icon click to choose and change the language.That's it.

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How to insert Stock Photos to Google Docs

Google Docs allows his document creator to Insert Stock photos to improve the Document Creativity.If you are planning to create a beautiful blog post from Google Docs or just want to Insert Stock photo in the blog post. Here are the few Steps that Going to help you to create a wonderful Document with an image. (Via

Log-in Google Docs.On top left menu click insert tab you can find image icon and click.

Select search option on the left side and gives you three options to choose photos.

After picking up image go through to select the button.

Finally you will get images that insert into the Document area and you can adjust the image size and leave an outline from from the image.

Those who don't have an image in Document Area,you can choose from Stock photos that really help to create your personal Document.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A few ways google search by image

Google provides many features to the customer convenience in that way now you can explore the web with few ways from Google search with an image.Learn few Steps about search by image.That's going to be useful to find web by speed processing.Leave your comment below the comments box.

Open Google search engine. Find images on top below address bar click once image tab.

Click camera icon near search box.

Right click on image copy the URL and paste into the search box.

Click ''Choose File'' you will take to local Drive from there you can upload the image file.
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Monday, January 28, 2013

The Best 10 Mobile Website Builders

Mobile Website Builder

Now a day,Most of the people browse the web on their mobile phone or smart Phone than Desktop computer.According to the survey Pew Internet & American Life Project says 56 percentages of all mobile phone users in America access them Internet.Even the younger generation like to access internet on  their mobile phone or Tablet PC.As a result, Today is the number of mobile phone users are high.The higher the number is small and large investors more have.Mobile Website Builder with the best Configuration to make all the running on the mobile phone device. This program Helps you to create mobile websites to promote online business from a Smartphone and mobile device.Here are the best 10 mobile website builders.











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