Thursday, May 23, 2013

Twitter Adds Double Security Verification

Twitter announced on his blog post, introducing double layer authentication sign-in process, those who regularly use their own twitter account.
User to sign-up Twitter will send to your mobile or email with six digit message code to sign-in  Along with username and password enter code to log in.
This double secure process already brought some famous social network like Facebook, Microsoft Corp and Google Search engine as well as.

How to start double secure sign-in on

Just visit your Twitter account and click ''settings'' option.
[Screenshot Credit : Syed Ali]

Through Account setting, Just follow these image steps it takes you through your double secure authentication log-in.

[Screenshot Credit : Syed Ali]
[Screenshot Credit : Syed Ali]
[Screenshot Screen: Syed Ali]
[Screenshot Credit : Syed Ali]
[Screenshot Credit : Syed Ali]
[Screenshot Credit : Syed Ali]
[Screenshot Credit ; Syed ali]
[Screenshot Credit : Syed Ali]
[Screenshot Credit : Syed Ali]
Now the setting will be saved changes and again try to sign in on Twitter account and it will be asking you after username and password with six digit message code which you received on your mobile device.that's it.
[Source : Blog.twitter]
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Monday, May 20, 2013

Easy Upload Quickly Adds All your eBooks with Quiet Thyme App to Dropbox

We know all that they are a large number of eBook readers Available on the web via Desktop or mobile phone to read eBooks, and more are Else the e-book download or convert from various formats by using software Application.

[Screenshot Credit : Quiet thyme]

[Screenshot Credit : Quiet Thyme]
Quiet Thyme is a little bit different to allow to edit all kinds of Movement. By selecting titles, author name or ISBN code to connect to Dropbox to save your upload eBooks on to the service. 
The Books you can upload to Dropbox or Quiet Thyme has own storage. It has different formats are available like mobile and tablet format to access eBook  into this application such an Android and iOS.

Switch to Quiet thyme to start uploading eBook connecting with Dropbox. To upload multiple eBook just start with eBook tab and click upload Books that’s it. If you connected with Dropbox with Quiet thyme. In that way  you have to choose your default stores each and every time to upload your eBook. just go to Setting tab. Quiet thyme allow online eBooks and gives you the URL link to stores them. To find where it was buying them.

To rearrange your eBook select from Books tab and it highlighted to modify your data. You can paste your cover art or use a book title, author name or ISBN code to find your metadata to update.

Finally, you can see the Setting menu to access catalog which is close to dashboard to get service. It will support your catalog to tell you about salvage of the eBooks you uploaded and available space that you are using in which service Quiet thyme or Dropbox is your primary storage space. 

The main reason is just visit to have a lot of eBook from Quiet thyme. It’s offered a different package plan to start your service with free starter edition and bit more you see  payment plan that is catalog and library edition. In starter edition you will get 100 Book, email service and essential service available. That’s it. 
[Source: Addictivetips]

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Free Emoticons Share Your Mood with Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook and Web Based Email Client

We express our love and joy of text or voice speech, but sometime it could enough touch your recipient. This could happen most of the way to handle the situation easier. You can share your emotion by any route that recipient can feel very good. We always spend most of the time email or chatting with text message some who like you. Sometime it will not touch your favorite one. So in between we will add images to show our love and enjoy with small graphic image icons that we call emoticons. Most of the web email clients are integrated into thousands of free emoticons via composing get to start. These emoticons really make you a good sense between you and your partner. We found some awesome free emoticons that you can’t see ever before as free emoticons from top email clients. The Google Chrome extension gives you free emoticons with different expressions brings to you a wordless emoticon and huge collection of fully free emoticons that gives you fun, love expression, Avatar from movie style and all kinds of free emoticons available in this gadget. Not only you can use another platform without free of charge, you can work with GMail, Yahoo Mail and Outlook email client too. More than 30 categories listed for free emoticons fully free service you can share different situation like events, business, Food festival, Games and more you want to. If you feel any situation this free emoticon will help you to gear up.

[Screenshot Credit :Syed Ali]

How to work it?
Search from thousand of free emoticon with listed. Select which is you like and select your preferred emoticon to copy the clipboard and move your cursor into an email box then give up CTRL +V, if your Mac user then Command-V that’s it.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Google Chat Now Supports Adding into

The newly email service now start adding Google chat integration. Microsoft’s blog announced recently that user will get on Google chat with in a few days.

From you can chat with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn so far, now you can chat with Google users in to  If you are the skydrive document holder then you can send instant message to Gmail user to chat in Within few days you can find some changes into the email.
In you will miss some option like audio and video will not support into like the original version of Gmail. Your Google Contact will support both versions of and Skydrive with the help of message you can activate the Chat section. As per Microsoft that aims to bring Google Chat users from Gmail to join into with counting of 400 million users rolling all over the world. 


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