Saturday, June 29, 2013

New Google + Plugins Brings Follow button, New Badges for Pages and Profiles

Google unleashed a variety of new Plugins to help followers to join with Google+, connected from the websites.
Credit: Googleplusplatform

A New Follow Button is a standalone plug-in, that integrates in websites to follow the visitor by hovering  on circles to add these features are existing social buttons when you become following. If you installed your Google+ button already, then no need to verify javascript, just make sure your Plugins that's it. 
Credit: Googleplusplatform

The new badges puts on top to attract member on the website. These designs make you easy identification on the web. The new badges allow to click the preview button, so they can see your community pages. At the end they can see your recently added posts and accepting and closing back to the same windows tab. User's can change the pages and profile with new badges with new customization portrait and landscape module, light and dark theme colors and you can do on/off on tagline photos. The old version tagline will available 90 days, after that no more available replacing with a new version of tagline on your websites, Google says coming days automatically will be updated.  
[Source: Googleplusplatform] Via: thenextweb

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Friday, June 28, 2013

Digg Brings New Updates on iOS With Digg Readers Support and Import Google Reader Feeds/Folder

Credit: iTunes

Digg Reader is coming through with lot's of new updates, but some of the features have been rolled out to iOS users. You Can import Google readers feeds and folders on Digg, before Google closing date of July 1st. Once you are in, what Kind of facility is there? You can migrate your feeds and folders from Google readers. Follow shortcuts keys easily like Same Google. Created article you can transport into Instapaper, Pocket and Readability. Need and comments there are an option to share Social Network sites. Save post and view later with private or public. The huge impress is you can easily find feeds by clicking "Add" button and type your name that's it. Digg says there has to come more feature and benefits for Digg readers. 
[Source: Digg Blog] Via: iTunes

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Establish “Stock Keyboard” On Your Android Device From Google Play Store

If you are using Android or Tablet devices, here you Can continue to read an article about Google keyboard. Google Maintain a Stock Keyboard as a following Nexus type of key function to download from Google play Store.
Hereafter the announcement came from Google plus that Google keyboard has a movement typing that will slip the letter to generate the word, And hold your finger to enter a space, automatic correction, word guessing these are the functionality on key pad . On the way you can create your message easily with this option. The platform Supports more than 26 languages with a keyboard layout and more. Google Keyboard hands on with you easier and faster typing enhancement.

[Credit : Syed Ali]

The Google Key board is an Android open source platform, Users can customize their own style, choosing your own thought to Possibly, this is an over welcoming example and you can search more best Know keyboards available on Google play. The keyboard support minimum Requirement of Android 4.0 and above. [Via : Google+


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