Thursday, July 18, 2013

iHeartRadio App Released for Blackberry 10

Blackberry: If you moved to a new blackberry model then iHeartRadio will offer a free live internet Music Station service to you. In this iHeartRadio you can create free custom music songs and related music funds. It gives you more than 1,500 live radio stations including features are Rock Songs, pop, News, Sports, and more have too. Djs find you which are hot or not that giving you thumbs up and thumbs down. iHeartRadio added 16 million songs and 400,000 artists to pick and create own free commercial custom station for free music from a favorite artist. You can use iHeartRadio exclusive Discovery Tuner by restricting to get much variety in the music folder. iHeartRadio recommend stations depending on mood and situation. Whether you're in any condition. The feature guide you find music best moment and Any where you go  find your favorite music station and Blackberry music. You can access iHeartRadio by sign-in to get the service free through email or Facebook make yours. iHeartRadio allow to create, save and share internet radio station where ever you have been. To grab iHeartRadio, just click below give the link. 

Blackberry 10  

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Magisto App for iOS Adds Video and Audio Edit Without Experience Looks Great

iOS: If you know about those things you are a capability to do or you should be an experienced gentlemen relevant work that makes you very simply. Are you having to train somewhere else to get these major projects to be done. What can we do or we hire third party application that generates lots of construction easily. Magisto is a an App for iOS which is doing video and photo editing those who don't have enough experience or known well all kinds of video editing almost. Now you can decide your Magisto App support like movie maker as a developer. In this App once you feed your video or photos to create via edit and show you to gather for you, looks a professionally on an edit that you will be satisfied the way you share with friends and colleagues. Magical Video Editor features included: this service has a 24 /7 on your iPhone and iPod that makes you analyze, trims, edit all parts of videos. After creating videos allowing to share Facebook timeline, Twitter, email and YouTube Broadcast. In this setting have filter option, Sound effect and transfer files. Save music songs from Magisto library subscriber. Here magical to access movie from any devices as well as some bug fixes too. You will get possibility rank, what you will get, while downloading for future video editing. That's it.  [Source: Magisto/iTunes Store

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