Saturday, August 10, 2013

Discover your Favorite YouTube Videos Stats With VidIQ vision for Chrome Users

Chrome: Making a Good selection on your YouTube Videos Site Which users can gift the larger view points. How to Know the videos stars in the current field. VidIQ vision is an extension of the Chrome, Which videos makes most popular So far. If you have finest video on your gadget to share on your World broadcast YouTube, You want to upload right Now on it. VidIQ, a YouTube Certified Company that provides bunch of statics like Facebook Comments, Views, Channel Subscriber, FB likes, Tweets and Comments. You no need to Sign in an account to access, With an easy way you can Taste the product. VidIQ is a product that sets with full gizmo to YouTube pages. To get this information from Video Site you need to install from Google chrome extension to grab the VidIQ vision. Click once to add the chrome button On your chrome browser. After the installation You can go through to the YouTube site and find out the gadget from the Video on right side. The total package you can get from a single video, which you has selected from the Video site.  

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Mozilla Persona Connecting in to Gmail Users With Sign-in

Mozilla Persona preparing to sign in any kind of website that you can use any email ID. But other client email service provider you may have to use real names or one account to activate. The new announcement came here after from Mozilla dev. Persona has a multiple advantage rather than other service have. So let us see what feature have in mozilla persona. Introducing an Identity Bridge service provider for Gmail users. When you start persona or persona start Mozilla will conform your email addresses. To log in, Webmaker is a website that joins with at the right time. Enter into Website and move the cursor on the top Sign in to save, it will open a new persona pop-up window  and there you can enter your Gmail address to begin the confirmation step. After finishing the process, you will redirect to a Google page where you need allow persona to view the account of email address. Later you will be taken to a sign in process, in the rear mode your window logged in automatically. Once you allow the confirmation process you no need to do again the same procedure until you deny the permit. 

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