Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Gmail and Google Docs brings handwriting interface languages

Google brings his handwriting interface to Gmail and Google Docs. This product will allow users to generate context directly from the mail and Docs using with Mouse or trackpad. If you have tried most of the features in Translate, this will be seen quite simple; If you want to try handwriting features then you need to enable input tools on Gmail and Google Docs. To write single or multiple words Via panel on Screen, the translate will support to gear up the long content for Email or docs. The Google Company ensured that handwriting input situated on Gmail as a 20 languages and Google Docs imported more than 50 languages. These features Bringing some easier way to use the internet all over the world. And it will make some sensational amidt of languages.    Via: Gmail blog    
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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The First Parachute Jumper Andre-Jacques Garnerin and 216th anniversary Placed on Google Doodle

Google Doodle celebrates the first parachute Jumper Andre-Jacques Garnerin's 216th anniversary. The invention was made on 22 October, 1797 in Paris, the parachute was designed with silk material with umbrella type. Once Andre launched his balloon with maximum height of 3,000 feet, connected with basket to stand and Operate the parachute. With his new trial, he became as a well know all over the World. After several taking his a new balloon production, Andre-Jacque Garnerin was died In Paris at the age of 54, August 1823. This incident happened, when he was crossing between building construction area, he struck between falling beam and Killed instantaneously, where he was making a balloon.   

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