Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Best of Best free Disk Defragmenter for Windows PC

If your computer doesn't meet such a kind of requirement that you are facing on your desktop PC. Which is slow down and not enabling the system faster. To solve this complication on your computer hard drive. When you start to write data on your hard drive, it will never go to allow to place it all in one place. Each part of the program file, it will not write continuously from beginning to the end of your hard drive. Due to the reason the system runs slowly or having analyzing through to disk. Defragmenter is a software tool that solves your computer gets slow down, file crashes, Windows open with slow wake up, While making defragmenting the files, you can bring single minute. Here you can follow the tool with free of service. 


Piriform's Defraggler is a freeware software tool that you can defragment your files, folders or entire hard disk. Trying this useful software, your file will be safe on windows using with the same formula. The windows support NTFS and FAT32 are the main file systems. 

Auslogics Disk Defrag:

Auslogics Disk Defrag is a free software with compact and fast deframenter used by people from all over the world. And the software support to improve your computer via defragmenting or rearrange the files and folders on your hard disk. To run this tool on your computer the file weight of 5.4 MB must be to install on your computer system. And the developer gives safe and secure. Auslogics support Windows XP, Vista, 7, Windows 8.1.  


MyDefrag is a maintenance utility tool to make your PC faster with degragmenting on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and rest to lead a new updated OS. The software works unlimited with a time requirement, fully loaded features and no Ads integrated. This one useful to advance user and make your total schedule to run the system with full task. myDefrag moves all files and folders particular disk with API support, and safely even your computer occupy your hard disk full space. 

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Viddme Upload Videos on the web, iOS and Android device

Viddme the video sharing service came up first on Reddit. The web app transparently copied like imgur for video, Actually the service completely designed with photo sharing websites with anonymously. But the photo sharer has taken the first step to give video, because of usage from all over the world. 

Viddme is a new web service app that's available on website, iPhone and Google Play Store, now users can drag and drop video to upload on the web and mobile. Not only you can upload video via Smartphone or using a tablet PC within a few steps. It's going to easy without sign in process, you can do faster and quickly. After finishing upload videos, you share videos any social network site, and post it on Reddit, otherwise you can grab the link as you like. Through from Viddme users can share unlimited GIFs and it comes real quality video clarity. There is no restriction to load the video, but you have to obey the rules and regulation. NSFW watching you to warn, if there is going wrong. Hopefully, if you like then visit direct on Viddme.  

Via: techcrunch 

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Best 3 Free Encylopedia app for iPad Device

If you have listened the encyclopedia site that gives full information. What related topics you have been looking from around the website. You can go through from the desktop to view the related title at present. But if it goes iPad, It's quite interesting that need a supporting software to view the content. If you look the best encyclopedia application, then it will become quite difficult to find the app for you, We make it easy to select one of the apps that fulfill your requirements. Ok, lets move into the topic, we have selected the best 3 free encyclopedia app for iPad.  

Wikipedia Mobile:

The app integrated with millions of articles and more than two hundred languages can be changed. All around the world many famous has been written with various articles and biography all mess with iPad device. You can view the article into offline mode as well, and copy and share option easily can do. 

Wikipanion for iPad:

Using Wikipanion to search the content through Wikipedia, it will get faster and much easier and it completely well formed with Wikipedia to search and navigate the entries on Wikipedia. Live streamline, bookmark, sync your with iCloud data centre, and more to use the app on iPad. 

Fotopedia Heritage:

This one, well integrated with photo frame and also loved all over the world. It can guide traveler and entertaining all time. The app carrying more than 30,000 high definition images through searching preference. 

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Tinder based 6tindr has updated live tiles, toast notification and more

You want to find friends and colleagues then you have to prepare the arrangement of nearest location and time schedule. These all function is probably applicable on Tinder app, but it only support on Google Play and iPhone devices. The developer never thing to create Tinder app for the Windows Phone system, but the Rudy Huyn interested to bring 6tindr app on the Windows Store, After launching this app, it gets a new update feature on the Windows phone Store. What new change logs available in 6tindr app. 

6tindr version 1.1 brings below following options:
The minor update introduces integrated live tile for contact, and also adds advance toast notification and fast resume app to bring up and more creation is there. The free 6tindr app on Windows Phone Store to download that support windows mobile device. We have to know about this new released app improvement via your clean comments below the box. That's it. 

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Via: wpcentral    Source: 6tendr 

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Google Doodle Celebrates Dian Fossey 's birthday

Dian Fossey is an American zoologist was born on 16 January 1932, San Francisco. She Start his education career at Lowell High School his step father's foot path, After some days she love animals at the age of 19, So she joined in a biology course at the University of California in Davis. 

Google Doodle featured his African mountain and Gorilla in Forest life that was inspired in his life long too. Dian research about gorilla lifestyle more than 18 years and spend her whole work and life experience by contributing his book for gorillas that you can find in the mist. A film Sigourney Weaver was created a cinematic adaptation of the book. Suddenly she got an offer to travel into an African due to some financial problem, during her visit, she met various part of the African people that they achieve in Wild life safari. 

Fossey helps to arrest some illegally having poachers in national parks, they got in jail and some of them had a  life term in prison.

Finally, Dian Fossey was murdered someone in Rwanda in 1985 in her own cabin room, and the case was filed in court. Today, Google Celebrates Dian Fossey's 82nd birthday on his Doodle's theme. 

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mailbox Conversion between different types of Email Client Applications!

Image Credit by : David Castillo / freedigital 

MS Outlook manages personal information of email user through mailboxes, it is a standalone application and you can also work with Microsoft Exchange Server for multiple users in an organization. This is mainly applicable for storing email messages but it also includes calendars, contacts, tasks, notes, attachments etc. Outlook managed all email items by mailboxes. A Mailbox is a simple storage box which includes multiple box like in-box, Out-box, Sent Items, Drafts, Deleted Items etc. 

User mail profile is comprised of e-mail accounts, data files that contain information about where e-mail is stored. When you run first time email client application like MS Outlook, Outlook express, Windows live Mail then automatically a new profile is created. After that, the profile runs whenever you start email application. Most of the email users need one profile but you can create more than one profile. Each profile has unique mailbox to store email information. 

Note: There are similar profile and mailboxes process to identities for MS Outlook, Outlook Express or Microsoft Windows Mail users. 

An Email Account at Home or in Organization:  

You need to setup email account at home then probably use an Internet service provider (ISP) to connect you to the Internet. The most common types of accounts are referred by their Internet protocol name - POP3 and IMAP. 

Exchange email account is designed for large organizations and runs on one or more servers; each user has a different mailbox on the server Exchange. When you send and receive a new e-mail message, it is deposited in your mailbox. Outlook enables to view and work with your messages by connecting to Exchange. 

You have to allow work off-line or use Cached Exchange Mode through Exchange accounts. To solve this purpose, local copies of your email items are kept on your computer in an (.OST) file. The .ost file is Off-line Storage table which regularly synchronized with the email items on the exchange server while they connected. 

All Email Client Applications have common identities to store email information called mailbox either you are MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail or Exchange Server. But one of the biggest different is file extension. As like all application mailbox has differ file extension Outlook used PST, Outlook Express used DBX, Windows Live Mail used EML Exchange Server used EDB and Off-line Outlook with Exchange Used OST file format.  It might be possible for any user need to migrate one mailbox to other mailboxes. You have multiple option of mailbox migration with different email client application. 

Mailboxes Conversion with different Email Applications by Stellar 

    Convert Exchange OST to PST
Convert Exchange EDB to PST 
Convert Outlook Express DBX to PST 
Convert DBX to Windows Live Mail (EML)
Convert  Windows Live Mail to PST 

Above all email conversion applications are efficient migrates all mailbox email item to other mailbox with corresponding file extension. You can try demo version and preview all conversion email item. 
This post is contributed by, a reputed data recovery organization that deals in data recovery, email recovery, exchange recovery and converter tools. You can also join Stellar Data Recovery Facebook Fan Page (

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Spotify modernizes for the iOS app to give free music streaming in shuffle based

A year end of 2013, Spotify announced his new idea that offers free music streaming in shuffle based are already available on Google Play Store, and now the features comes into App Store customers. And today the new update goes into the iPhone and iPad devices. 

IPhone users can get artist or playlist from the Smartphone or tablet PC, Is set to play in shuffle mode and using premium subscription mode, it will release the restriction listening play music, and also Spotify enabling countries. Now you can clinch a new update version on App Store with the big move.   

Via: Engadget 
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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Wechat gets more stickers and email links for Windows Phone users

If you are a well known person about Wechat then it's available on Windows Store. The app gives free text to type, audio message and video calls all three mess into Windows Phone 7.5 and 8 Operating system. The app most of them likes from the Asia Pacific sector, and the users service goes 300 million around the world. Now the app getting into a version 5.0 landed in Windows Store smoothly. 

We find a social network Wechat gets updated and it's available on Windows Store, now you can competent to download huge collection of stickers from the sticker shop, save beloved content clippings with chat on the go!. Unfortunately missing user ID or password easy email links you get it back in the same position. Social entrepreneur can download through from the Windows Store for free price tag.   

Via: Wpcentral 
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