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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

6 Best Free Android Registry Cleaner for your Smartphone Device

On your Android Smartphone the registry is the main key player to run the device very smoothly and also support your software program. Each and every time you visit your favorite websites that keeps files in the registry and it makes your mobile device very slow and you can't access faster. To solve the problem you can visit Google Play Store to find the best free registry cleaner their available to clean all unwanted files from the database and put back to normal position. Many registry files are mobile database settings, so when you do this process you have to handle very carefully clean the registry otherwise your mobile phone will be in critical condition. Before you start the cleaning process, you have to take backup file, recover the files. If you lose something else in the device. We have taken long around the Play Store which is the best and the free part of the service. Let's see what features are carried away. 

Clean Master Cleaner:

The powerful tool brings you faster to clean unwanted history data with One tab facility. It can involve to cleaning all incoming and outgoing calls, Google product search history and Application cache files will help to clean and boost up to run the system faster. Once you finish your mark the record will be available through on the program. 

1Tap Cleaner:

One tap selection is a free order to clean all kinds of files like URL history, cache folders, call logs from this you can do everything. You no need to make any adjustment into the phone database. The app main concept is to clean memory, disk gradually.   

Clean Droid: Deep Cleaner:

The one and only Clean Driod app will boost all kinds of features and function for Android mobile device. It can help to work faster and gives lots of space on system device. The app is intended to clean all kinds of debris like social network data, temporary files and folders and also automatically works when your cache files will fill out with requirement of space. Clean your privacy records, device booster and game planer, backup and uninstall app will be clean out from app manager and more can do from Clean Driod for Android. 


Cleaner is an Android support app that officially care to clean unimportant files and personal record data. It also work into a mobile phone to clean inbox message and call history for manually. You can clean your residues with one tap service not need go inside the main menu to clear out.

GO Cleaner & Task Manager:

It is the must-have tool to monitor and kill apps, clean cache, free memory and speed up your android phone! The most advanced task killer app from the GO Launcher team who you could trust. Make your phone faster and securer.

Android Cleaner:

Android Cleaner allows you to quickly remove and clean your browser, calls and text messages as well as identify and eliminate unwanted data applications that are in the device's internal memory cache.

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

CamScanner brings a New User Exclusive features for Free on Windows Phone

Camscanner, the famous for the document scanner for Windows Phone has received a major updated features and advance improvement to the Windows Phone supporting app, and it's released user exclusive option for free and this service comes before with a price tag. In this update, users can upload the PDF to OneDrive, and also merge any kind of documents into automatically with the edge of pictures in this application. So far the version 2.2.0 has lot's of extra coverage to the users. Now you can find complete features of this CamScanner for Windows Phone. 

Source: CamScanner     Via: Winbeta
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Monday, April 7, 2014

gMaps Pro brings Version 3.0 for Windows Phone

The Developer DreamTeam Mobile has made new updates for gMaps Pro v 3.0 for Windows Phone users. 

Once the new updated here after, the company was mention that doesn't affiliated with Google. Inc, and the app have some important features to search nearest location and fast calculating the speed, variety of layer support, and more. 

And also you can share the location using mobile devices like SMS, email, GPS support for driving vehicle and more.  

Hereafter the new version 3.0: 

Newly added search and direction User Interface, finding the location battery is taking more responsibility that not drain always, to find out exact maps third party app support like Waze, Nokia Drive and more over. Finally, it's taken more standardize with improvements. 

Source: gMaps Pro        
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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Glove for Android Now Search You the Best Cell Phone Carrier Nearest Location

Glove App starts his process only for three days and the rest of them find your nearest cell network location. And the app available in the Google play Store. 

The app recently released as a beta version to find out the best carrier location in your city like San Francisco, New York and few more. It's come to all your Android Mobile handset very much. The very interesting app only access for three days, after that it find your best choice of cell network. Golve mentioned that will support to the user to select the best one. This newly rolled out Glove app only integrated with some top mobile company like Sprint, Verizon, AT@T, and T-mobile. This new app will come to iOS device in future.

Source: Glove, Google Play Store   Via: GigaOM,  CNET

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

FullContact App brings Business Card Reader for Android Device

FullContact App, In previous update Snap a photo of a business card on your iPhone device. And this new feature now available on your Android Device and you will get from the Google play Store. This app serves free for only limited time service. 

Once you Snap a Photo your business card and get back to take rest to view verified card. After it goes through contact list at the moment. While you are scanning a card in offline mode, no problem where you will be the internet comes, it will automatically transcribe the data easily anywhere. 

FullContact is a fastest reader to function this one accurate business card that merges with Salesforce or your Android Address book.

Source: FullContact

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Double Twist AirPlay Recorder now Support to Mac Notebook

Image Credit: doubletwist 

Anyway, you did before, that iTunes Radio or Audio service available on your Android Market to record the songs on your Smartphone device. Now the new update can over on your Mac Notebook right now. Double Twist AirPlay support for Mac OS X to record the song through from the iTunes audio or live stream to listen in offline mode. 

The double Twist AirPlay Recorder now directs available as Airplay on iTunes. To run the recorder choose the 'dt recorder' through from the iTunes AirPlay, which itself comes audio and streaming song. These music files will be saved on your Recorder folder. And it will allow to record 10 seconds of music files, if you need full version the you have to pay some penny like the $10 price tag. 

This Double Twist AirPlay Recorder only support to Mac OS X and to download the tool and it comes easily. 

Via: Engadget    Source: Doubletwist
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Monday, February 10, 2014

WikiExplorer Deliver Simple & Elegant Wikipedia Articles on Android

Wikipedia is a clean interface to read articles, if you are using Smartphone website then it looks perfect. But the features are still showing same background right now. WikiExplorer is a client web app for Wikipedia that improve the layout and content of the articles and make users to read Wikipedia with full functionality. It can sort out the whole articles in the reading list. If you don't have enough time, then save to read the articles as much you want to read into offline mode. The app allows readers to restore the previous content that where you have left off the service, advance setting and automatically open Wikipedia links are available. 

Using WikiExplorer there was in line image will be shown, so users can read the text and preview the picture in full screen size and the content will run behind the screen at the same time you can return your previous page easily. There are more apps available on the Android market to support Wikipedia website, and also each and every app they have their qualities and options. So the users can go through on Google Play Store and download it on your Smartphone and tell me how you feel via comments.  Via: makeuseof 

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Motorola Moto G: A Full Mobile Specifications

Moto G is completely integrated Android Operating system and developed by Motorola Company. The device has some interesting features and eye catching color available mobile sets that you have set already on your mind. It's a handy, stylish mobile phone device. The mobile allows to keep in your pocket with a minimum price tag and high end dashing board. Using Android, browse your internet, work in the flow, drive with any direction, play game with this mobile phone. Moto G has some extraordinary features and specification available on- board that you may know, while continuing this article. If you have any comments then please put your clean words below the comments box.   

Moto G Full Specifications: 

  • Currently the mobile running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean with Upgrade to Kitkat 

  • 1.2 GHz Code Core CPU with 400 processors 

  • Internal Memory 8 GB, Up to 16 GB available to upgrade with 50GB Google Drive

  • 129.9 mm x 65.9 mm, and Weight 143 grams

  • Cable Connectivity with USB and 3.5 mm Head Set Jack to use

  •  5 Mega Pixel rear type camera and 1.3 front cameras

  • Video Playback with High Quality 

  • Support various Audio file format 

  • GSM and CDMA network support

  • Advance long range WiFi connectivity

  • Bluetooth 4.0 technology service

Image Credit: Darice / Flickr 

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Viddme Upload Videos on the web, iOS and Android device

Viddme the video sharing service came up first on Reddit. The web app transparently copied like imgur for video, Actually the service completely designed with photo sharing websites with anonymously. But the photo sharer has taken the first step to give video, because of usage from all over the world. 

Viddme is a new web service app that's available on website, iPhone and Google Play Store, now users can drag and drop video to upload on the web and mobile. Not only you can upload video via Smartphone or using a tablet PC within a few steps. It's going to easy without sign in process, you can do faster and quickly. After finishing upload videos, you share videos any social network site, and post it on Reddit, otherwise you can grab the link as you like. Through from Viddme users can share unlimited GIFs and it comes real quality video clarity. There is no restriction to load the video, but you have to obey the rules and regulation. NSFW watching you to warn, if there is going wrong. Hopefully, if you like then visit direct on Viddme.  

Via: techcrunch 

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Top Free News & Magazine for Android Users

You need Some top free Google Play News & Magazine to Place it on your Android Smartphone. We find some famous News & Magazine that give a minute to minute live service on your mobile phone. Let's have a look. Before we continue, Please don't forget to give a clean comments on this site or article.

News Hunt: India News | eBooks :

India's number one newspaper NewsHunt that adds more than 80+ regional newspapers with 11 languages and give the largest collection to the eBook readers.

  Gulf  News:

The Gulf News delivers the current news around the world. Now you can read Business related news, Sports views, Politics, entertaiment and latest news, and unique content that you can view on your mobile device.

Flipboard News 

Flipboard the app comes with nice design to share the news with kind of World news and Social news in awesome magazine layout to your Android supporting devices.


Many users know that most watching news television Network NDTV supports Android app that comes with stories and live video and the app will appear all NDTV Channels and 24x7 news channel and it gets a new experience for big size tablet PC.

The New York Times :

The best journalism in the world that you can get a new knowledge from The New York Times application. You can access variety news information about the worldwide, wherever your interest gone. 

Readers Please Leave your Clean Comments below Comments Box. 
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Saturday, June 29, 2013

New Google + Plugins Brings Follow button, New Badges for Pages and Profiles

Google unleashed a variety of new Plugins to help followers to join with Google+, connected from the websites.
Credit: Googleplusplatform

A New Follow Button is a standalone plug-in, that integrates in websites to follow the visitor by hovering  on circles to add these features are existing social buttons when you become following. If you installed your Google+ button already, then no need to verify javascript, just make sure your Plugins that's it. 
Credit: Googleplusplatform

The new badges puts on top to attract member on the website. These designs make you easy identification on the web. The new badges allow to click the preview button, so they can see your community pages. At the end they can see your recently added posts and accepting and closing back to the same windows tab. User's can change the pages and profile with new badges with new customization portrait and landscape module, light and dark theme colors and you can do on/off on tagline photos. The old version tagline will available 90 days, after that no more available replacing with a new version of tagline on your websites, Google says coming days automatically will be updated.  
[Source: Googleplusplatform] Via: thenextweb

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Establish “Stock Keyboard” On Your Android Device From Google Play Store

If you are using Android or Tablet devices, here you Can continue to read an article about Google keyboard. Google Maintain a Stock Keyboard as a following Nexus type of key function to download from Google play Store.
Hereafter the announcement came from Google plus that Google keyboard has a movement typing that will slip the letter to generate the word, And hold your finger to enter a space, automatic correction, word guessing these are the functionality on key pad . On the way you can create your message easily with this option. The platform Supports more than 26 languages with a keyboard layout and more. Google Keyboard hands on with you easier and faster typing enhancement.

[Credit : Syed Ali]

The Google Key board is an Android open source platform, Users can customize their own style, choosing your own thought to Possibly, this is an over welcoming example and you can search more best Know keyboards available on Google play. The keyboard support minimum Requirement of Android 4.0 and above. [Via : Google+


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Friday, April 19, 2013

The Best 6 hottest Nokia Asha Dual Sim in India

Switching mobile with Dual Sim, Share our communication thoughts an easy way. Ok let’s go to the matter carrying two mobile with two service provider in your hand, we all feel is a weight jam machine, it cover all area in your pocket, So to reduce the weight machine, here are the option that mobile company made an a easy way invention Dual Sim pattern for mobile users. It will make you easy swap between two Sim without switch of your mobile and set your goal yourself. We find the hottest Dual Sim mobile that came in one single brand under to.

Asha 200 Dual Sim
You can save your mobile cost with multiple sim. While you can swap sims without switch off the mobile.

Asha 202 Dual Sim 
Using Double Sim, You can get double life of standard between two sim and two network provider.

Asha 205 Dual Sim 
In this mobile get fast internet browsing and Dual Sim option without switch off your mobile on the go.

Asha 305 Dual Sim
Dual Sim preparation in this mobile model without keypad you touch with the fingers change the network provider without switch off your mobile phone in emergency way.

Nokia Asha 308 Dual Sim
Spending less an hour on your Dual Sim without switch off your mobile. when your in out of coverage are easy option to change network provider. Find extract location like coffee shop, shopping , hotels and more you can find in this mobile.

Nokia Asha 310 Dual Sim
In this mobile has Dual Sim interface available so you can browse internet fast and curious without paying any single currency for Data store.there is a Wifi integrated in this mobile so you don't worry about paying credit.

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