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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Facebook brings Share articles, Switch off sound to Paper App

Now you can create and share original stories to friends and the people around the world. The app allows to view in Fullscreen mode, optional drive into flexible design, Facebook news feeds and adding favorite topics into the Paper App. Paper App now gets a new update to the App Store to share articles via Facebook messages, text and email. If you hear the app gets louder noise, then you can turn off the voice at any time any moments. The Story can be written in your language ( Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) and more improvement came on Paper App to make faster. 

Source: Paper App for iOS  Via: iClarified

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

PicCard Creates Photo Greeting Card, Make Charisma from the iPhone Device

The day you want to make special like Valentine's day, birthday Party, wedding day and more. You want to share your loved one within seconds from the app. It's called PicCard app from Softease Tech. The iPhone support software PicCard recently entered into Apple's iTunes Store and it's made fast and beautiful greeting cards. 

The app need to save template which is carrying different types of greeting themes like Wedding day, New year and more. The template contains each three free template theme. If you want to buy more template, then visit in-app store to purchase the template. PicCard app allows your iPhone camera to take pictures and add to them on the eCard. After that it took effort to rearrange the setting of the picture or, you can tap twice on your picture, this one going to allow to share the greeting card on Facebook, Twitter and email service. If you need to change from your eCard, you can transfer to another app for future changes. 

The app makes all easy service to create simple ecards in a second. If you want to make faster, the only choice is PicCard value for editing and sharing, To get this app, just visit on Apple's store to get a free download.  

Source: PicCard    

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Best 3 Free Encylopedia app for iPad Device

If you have listened the encyclopedia site that gives full information. What related topics you have been looking from around the website. You can go through from the desktop to view the related title at present. But if it goes iPad, It's quite interesting that need a supporting software to view the content. If you look the best encyclopedia application, then it will become quite difficult to find the app for you, We make it easy to select one of the apps that fulfill your requirements. Ok, lets move into the topic, we have selected the best 3 free encyclopedia app for iPad.  

Wikipedia Mobile:

The app integrated with millions of articles and more than two hundred languages can be changed. All around the world many famous has been written with various articles and biography all mess with iPad device. You can view the article into offline mode as well, and copy and share option easily can do. 

Wikipanion for iPad:

Using Wikipanion to search the content through Wikipedia, it will get faster and much easier and it completely well formed with Wikipedia to search and navigate the entries on Wikipedia. Live streamline, bookmark, sync your with iCloud data centre, and more to use the app on iPad. 

Fotopedia Heritage:

This one, well integrated with photo frame and also loved all over the world. It can guide traveler and entertaining all time. The app carrying more than 30,000 high definition images through searching preference. 

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Best Audio App collection on Apple's iTunes Store

If you are an avid music listener, especially for your iPhone device. We have taken little bit effort to find the best apps on Apple's iTunes Store and selected with user feedback. Now it comes with your preferable choice to use one of the best things to beautify your iPhone. Let's continue the list of Audio Apps from here.

Pandora Radio:
Find out your favorite music easily with free of cost in Pandora. You have a choice to search by a name of an artist, songs, categories and the rest of things Pandora will do. 
Just tab you wish to listen olden songs that you may have heard in olden days, While you can create more than 100's of radio stations on your account. Pandora will support to listen to music where ever you go! The app supports  your iPhone and iPad also.

You can take around music and media player with Shazam. All you have to do just tap the button instantly on Shazam 
And it will explore you, the app organizes to buy and share music as much you want that Shazam allow.

NanoStudio is an iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch app have a recording facility, Inside the app you can find the features like analogue synths, trigger pads, model editing function, multiple sound mixer, all you can find and access easily in one application.

The app really design for iOS device that you can start from the basement for your mobile device, it just cost you to enjoy the day. It has a synth power all feature have in the app, when you start the music Figure creates you awesome music forever.

Amazon Cloud Player:
If you are saved music on your Cloud Storage then you can take anywhere to listen from the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch any Place. The option you can download or live streaming from your Library from the Cloud storage or just hear the music from the mobile device. 

The app has fast music track and bunch of selection to play songs from around the place. Tap option makes you to press Soundhound button to make instantly songs and choose top artist songs that available to buy and share your friends, let them enjoy too. 

With this app you can search your favorite songs to listen and explore, it comes each day for you as a blossom. 
Sound Tracking allows to access free, enjoyable, and stylish to share what kind of songs you like from the app. With this you can make a new connection. 

Mix Cloud has a free radio service, especially design for DJ hosted around the world. The app was world leading radio machine mostly used by DJ presenter. You can search by title, browse the songs, and live stream with quality music, and you will receive new updates from DJs and their presenters.

Jango Radio Mobile:
Jango is a free music collection and radio service to play the best songs, you beloved artist. You can customize with your favorite artist to continue music theme.

Songza, you can play your favorite music on your location, with the free unlimited package. Hear original music with live stream option, get high quality content from Audyssey. 

The app main work is to identify millions of songs from your iPhone and iPad devices. It's completely free or to subscribe or unlock to a Premium account. This free radio service available only in US. 

TuneIn Radio:
TuneIn radio has a big service to listen all types of categories with sports, news, live music streaming from the worldwide. The app tunes million of radio services with single search and Podcasts and live shows on your iPhone device.

Rdio is an app that searches your favorite track and a social jukebox that plays instantly millions of tracks on your iPhone, iPad and more. The app performs, while loosing the internet, you can sync into your mobile device and play in Offline mode. 

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Google Drive Updates for iOS With a New Card Style View, Much Easier File Sharing and More

Recently, Google has brought an update to Google Drive App for iOS, the app now has a new Card style layout to Google+ and Drive App for Android Devices. The App has a new features option that is thumbnails for files and photos Display, Users can bring grid and list view from the toggle to search easy file With the tap press. Users can grab the links and share to any app folder that will be added in to the clipboard, and also supports to view and edit files and folders into the landscape Mode with jointly. To find a file is the most simple way. To get this new update you Can easily download from the App store for free. 
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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Google Drive designed to download both iPhone and iPod devices

Google Drive you to create, share, and all in one place to help you. Even large ones - and you can even upload your files on your iPhone or iPad, you can access them anywhere. You will get 5 GB of free began. Upload a picture to a share friend on 1000 miles. Office or on the go, whether you're at home most of with your Google document - date version read and edit. You can see them when you're on a plane to create products offline. Not even your iPhone goes for a swim in the water, what will happen to your devices, your files are safely stored in Google Drive. Here you can change your preferred 31 languages right now available for user’s convenience. 

Google Drive features and Benefits on iPhone and iPod

More than one Photo and video you can  upload on Google Drive. QuickOffice user’s can open and save it again on Google Drive. Click to zoom on your slide show photo.

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