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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Piceahub Can Drag & Drop Multimedia Files from the Web to your Personal Device

If you have seen the famous media files through on a website and you need to get them back onto your PC or Mobile device There was an easy option to download all the files within seconds. PiceaHub, it's kind of software that will support to share online videos, music files, and images to Computer, mobile, and tablets. And also it can transfer files to cloud service like (Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive). To add these performance you need to get the action with drag and drop function to the device's icon.

Thereafter you can choose the file that you want to download for device, whether it is a PC, mobile or tablet with drag and drop movement, and it will be downloaded into the default location. Not only a part of this, you can transfer files through from the USB cable or Bluetooth connection to get the media files for the devices. Few more options are given to the users like auto file conversion, single and multiple files can be downloaded easily direct from the software. This useful feature can download online media files directly  from the web.

Source: PicesHub   Via: ilovefreesoftware 
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Monday, May 20, 2013

Easy Upload Quickly Adds All your eBooks with Quiet Thyme App to Dropbox

We know all that they are a large number of eBook readers Available on the web via Desktop or mobile phone to read eBooks, and more are Else the e-book download or convert from various formats by using software Application.

[Screenshot Credit : Quiet thyme]

[Screenshot Credit : Quiet Thyme]
Quiet Thyme is a little bit different to allow to edit all kinds of Movement. By selecting titles, author name or ISBN code to connect to Dropbox to save your upload eBooks on to the service. 
The Books you can upload to Dropbox or Quiet Thyme has own storage. It has different formats are available like mobile and tablet format to access eBook  into this application such an Android and iOS.

Switch to Quiet thyme to start uploading eBook connecting with Dropbox. To upload multiple eBook just start with eBook tab and click upload Books that’s it. If you connected with Dropbox with Quiet thyme. In that way  you have to choose your default stores each and every time to upload your eBook. just go to Setting tab. Quiet thyme allow online eBooks and gives you the URL link to stores them. To find where it was buying them.

To rearrange your eBook select from Books tab and it highlighted to modify your data. You can paste your cover art or use a book title, author name or ISBN code to find your metadata to update.

Finally, you can see the Setting menu to access catalog which is close to dashboard to get service. It will support your catalog to tell you about salvage of the eBooks you uploaded and available space that you are using in which service Quiet thyme or Dropbox is your primary storage space. 

The main reason is just visit to have a lot of eBook from Quiet thyme. It’s offered a different package plan to start your service with free starter edition and bit more you see  payment plan that is catalog and library edition. In starter edition you will get 100 Book, email service and essential service available. That’s it. 
[Source: Addictivetips]

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

LinkedIn Display Pictures, Content, Videos into Online Professional Portfolio

                          [Credit: LinkedIn]
Now, LinkedIn improved himself in Profile division that is, you can create your professional portfolio to look enrichment on Profile pages. This one allows generating your content and your richness to show to worldwide and you are smarter on LinkedIn profile. This one gives to make your profile to become a good with unique content, taking images with professionally, attracting videos and more presentation on LinkedIn Profile.
To start this all you have to do log in to LinkedIn pages and simply select “edit” on your LinkedIn profile, after that follow to “Summary,” then “Experience” and “Education” portion. LinkedIn allow two new members to share their likes and comments on LinkedIn, What they have posted on their profile pages. In this rich media content what they allow to grand your LinkedIn Profile by showing with English content to the world. 

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Monday, April 15, 2013

How to Download DropBox for Mobile via SMS or E-Mail

We are going to see how to download Dropbox for mobile. It’s very easy option DropBox gives you on the web. You no need to hire for software site to install these kinds of apps. Carrying Smartphone with local network provider you can get the link of the apps to download on your Smartphone or get linked via email to download software from the Dropbox site. So let see how it will happen while on your Smartphone or email to download and install the Dropbox to enjoy.

Download From SmS

Download From email

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Trove box can import your online photos from top sites

Safer viewing of photos in an online store is just a matter of thinking. Several Many a renowned Web sites Facebook, instagram, Flickr like being safe seas, if the a little bit readers has to think.
The higher the number of readers, so avoid the risks is a wonderful way. That Trovebox for use in conjunction with your own popular web sites and to share your own photos and add your own files used for backup.
Trovebox photos stored on Dropbox, Amazon S3,,CX, Dreamobject connect with like, you can share your own image.
You can store all your photos and share how you can do that very easily. On today's computer, mobile phone is so much of the credit. It is now a popular application iPhone and Android apps are spoken. It can share your photos faster and faster.
Permission to go inside and get a free sign in Trovebox. Every month so you make your own photo upload the image to a maximum of 100.
In which the payment method that you can use to get some additional features. You can upload unlimited use of the image. This not only provides them with many facilities. News about what to get that special in the Trovebox. Your own comments in the box below.

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