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Wednesday, February 19, 2014 Share Events on Your Calendar via Email is a web tool that you can add events via email to the calendar very easily, to start the process, send an email with all events to the label address of the calendar. After that it will automatically receive a calendar and systematized to you. 

This service allows to access with simple method. Once you click on top right corner of log in, it will redirect to the Gmail account and you have to give permission to access on the Gmail account to work with few features, after connecting and to start sending events to the calendar via email. 

The same formula which you can see on TripIt, to make booking conformation, hotel booking, and travel date all you can find it on this website. For security purpose you can chat with email ID those who are connected with chat conversation users will receive a calendar invite after finding the people.

Basically, this new tool arrived very few days and you will get more features for some days.

Source:       Via:   Lifehacker

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Yahoo! Mail provides a list of Keyboard shortcuts

 If you are in Yahoo mail interface then what have to do to reduce the time and fast accessing email on yahoo. Without using mouse click can use keyboard shortcuts for email purpose. This one makes you to send email faster. Yahoo mail built keyboard shortcuts their users to compose message to save the time consume.Recently, Yahoo mail updated their shortcut keys.

  • To check all mail use Shif+M

  • Go back to previous page Ctrl+[

  • To move to next page Ctrl+]

  • To exit current tab Ctrl+\ or Esc

  • To expand your mail windows can do maximum height press F11 above shortcuts keys for regular command.

  • While you on composing email to move your cursor for formatting and attach your tools use Shift+tab

  • Composing message can save as Draft use Ctrl+S

  • To send email message Ctrl+Enter

  • To print important details from email use Ctrl+P

These are shortcuts keys that help you compose email fast and save your time.[Source:Yahoo]

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Best Free Mailing List PHP Script

Now a day mails is important in our life. Email completely changed our information system.Free e-mail accounts at various locations on anyone easily create and insistently to be able to receive e-mail.But what if you want your Internet subscribers or business associates to send a mass email. How you will manage all those email ID’s to send mass emails to your subscribers.Mailing list manager or management software is very easy to work with your mail. We are here for you to download and can be used to effectively manage your email marketing campaign can get 2 good free mailing list PHP script. E-mail marketing will definitely help in building customer relationship and can be used to change the original buyer goes on. You can install the software on your website and mailing list subscription forms must be managed. If you have any other form of e-mail software, data can easily import the data, you can send bulk email. There are many free and paid e-mail management software. Here, we show 2 most popular and free mass mailing list software. They may be easily integrated into your website and will be managed very easily.

PHPLIST is one of the most popular mailing list manager. This is your site (s) running through email campaign management is an open source PHP script. PHPLIST be easily integrated with any type of website. And that, once installed can be used for free. PHPLIST efficiently manage your mailing lists can be hundreds of thousands of subscribers. This newsletter, announcements, management, marketing lists, send and there are a wide variety of applications. PHPLIST with many talented and powerful control features. For example, you can subscribe to your favorite name or any other personal emails can be sent with a specific character. The factors that are completely customizable subscribed.


OpenEMM PHP script on the other hand is the most powerful and free mailing list. OpenEMM manage your email marketing campaign is a very popular web-based enterprise software. The service is used to send e-mails and email newsletter to your subscribers. OpenEMM such a user-friendly and interactive UI, real-time graphical statistics, network monitoring, an additional connection interface, bounce management, a powerful CMS (Content Management System), Screenplay, activities, and other features loads of the facility, such as the number of useful and advanced features, which the OpenEMM email application is a free download.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Techfortips:How to Generate Email With Large Attachment Files

How can I send large files through email ? Now  the question is this . In order to be able to prove that. The answer for which I am to give you some tips below. Many email services won’t allow to accept emails with large attachment files. If you want to send a large kind of files via email, you have to do upload email attachments via file storage or Sharing service. In that way email recipient receives a link from your email account to click and download the gigabyte attachment and save to a folder. There are few services that you make too easy to email attachments and moreover are free services.

Google Drive-Gmail interface


Email Large File

File Dropper



We transfer


Video Special 


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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Find a Solution that Automatically can Delete Spam For e-mail

Stop spam e-mail

Now a days you can't view on your e-mail account inbox,there is a numerous spam message can find on your e-mail.To remove spam message manually It will take at least several hour.To make this simple,All you have to do download desired software that compatible fight against with a spam message. Let's talk about evaluation of spamfighter.

  • Business and personal related email protects from spam message.

  • spam fighter do automatically blacklist, white list,blocking domains and email list.

  • Spamfighter keeps from fraud emails,taking care of phishing,personal data theft control.

  • If you receive different kind of language spam message that spamfighter will drain it. 

  • Particular language filtering tools that authorize you to control multi script language email.

  • spamfighter gives you huge space for backlist and whitelist to access.

  • Totally combined with windows.

  • Spamfighter support two type of version one is spamfighter standard and another one spamfighter pro.

  • Spamfighter standard is completely 100% free for household user.

  • Standard version only use for house and school purpose and you want upgrade to pro version they will charge $29 full version you can access.

  • More than twenty five language you can modify the interface of spamfighter.

  • Supporting operating system Window 2000,window xp,win vista,win 7.

  • Spamfighter tie up with microsoft to construct strong structure to show powerful anti spam screen software on sales.  

To download Spamfighter software  

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