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Wednesday, February 19, 2014 Share Events on Your Calendar via Email is a web tool that you can add events via email to the calendar very easily, to start the process, send an email with all events to the label address of the calendar. After that it will automatically receive a calendar and systematized to you. 

This service allows to access with simple method. Once you click on top right corner of log in, it will redirect to the Gmail account and you have to give permission to access on the Gmail account to work with few features, after connecting and to start sending events to the calendar via email. 

The same formula which you can see on TripIt, to make booking conformation, hotel booking, and travel date all you can find it on this website. For security purpose you can chat with email ID those who are connected with chat conversation users will receive a calendar invite after finding the people.

Basically, this new tool arrived very few days and you will get more features for some days.

Source:       Via:   Lifehacker

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Gmail and Google Docs brings handwriting interface languages

Google brings his handwriting interface to Gmail and Google Docs. This product will allow users to generate context directly from the mail and Docs using with Mouse or trackpad. If you have tried most of the features in Translate, this will be seen quite simple; If you want to try handwriting features then you need to enable input tools on Gmail and Google Docs. To write single or multiple words Via panel on Screen, the translate will support to gear up the long content for Email or docs. The Google Company ensured that handwriting input situated on Gmail as a 20 languages and Google Docs imported more than 50 languages. These features Bringing some easier way to use the internet all over the world. And it will make some sensational amidt of languages.    Via: Gmail blog    
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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Mozilla Persona Connecting in to Gmail Users With Sign-in

Mozilla Persona preparing to sign in any kind of website that you can use any email ID. But other client email service provider you may have to use real names or one account to activate. The new announcement came here after from Mozilla dev. Persona has a multiple advantage rather than other service have. So let us see what feature have in mozilla persona. Introducing an Identity Bridge service provider for Gmail users. When you start persona or persona start Mozilla will conform your email addresses. To log in, Webmaker is a website that joins with at the right time. Enter into Website and move the cursor on the top Sign in to save, it will open a new persona pop-up window  and there you can enter your Gmail address to begin the confirmation step. After finishing the process, you will redirect to a Google page where you need allow persona to view the account of email address. Later you will be taken to a sign in process, in the rear mode your window logged in automatically. Once you allow the confirmation process you no need to do again the same procedure until you deny the permit. 

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Saturday, June 29, 2013

New Google + Plugins Brings Follow button, New Badges for Pages and Profiles

Google unleashed a variety of new Plugins to help followers to join with Google+, connected from the websites.
Credit: Googleplusplatform

A New Follow Button is a standalone plug-in, that integrates in websites to follow the visitor by hovering  on circles to add these features are existing social buttons when you become following. If you installed your Google+ button already, then no need to verify javascript, just make sure your Plugins that's it. 
Credit: Googleplusplatform

The new badges puts on top to attract member on the website. These designs make you easy identification on the web. The new badges allow to click the preview button, so they can see your community pages. At the end they can see your recently added posts and accepting and closing back to the same windows tab. User's can change the pages and profile with new badges with new customization portrait and landscape module, light and dark theme colors and you can do on/off on tagline photos. The old version tagline will available 90 days, after that no more available replacing with a new version of tagline on your websites, Google says coming days automatically will be updated.  
[Source: Googleplusplatform] Via: thenextweb

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Establish “Stock Keyboard” On Your Android Device From Google Play Store

If you are using Android or Tablet devices, here you Can continue to read an article about Google keyboard. Google Maintain a Stock Keyboard as a following Nexus type of key function to download from Google play Store.
Hereafter the announcement came from Google plus that Google keyboard has a movement typing that will slip the letter to generate the word, And hold your finger to enter a space, automatic correction, word guessing these are the functionality on key pad . On the way you can create your message easily with this option. The platform Supports more than 26 languages with a keyboard layout and more. Google Keyboard hands on with you easier and faster typing enhancement.

[Credit : Syed Ali]

The Google Key board is an Android open source platform, Users can customize their own style, choosing your own thought to Possibly, this is an over welcoming example and you can search more best Know keyboards available on Google play. The keyboard support minimum Requirement of Android 4.0 and above. [Via : Google+


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Friday, May 17, 2013

Free Emoticons Share Your Mood with Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook and Web Based Email Client

We express our love and joy of text or voice speech, but sometime it could enough touch your recipient. This could happen most of the way to handle the situation easier. You can share your emotion by any route that recipient can feel very good. We always spend most of the time email or chatting with text message some who like you. Sometime it will not touch your favorite one. So in between we will add images to show our love and enjoy with small graphic image icons that we call emoticons. Most of the web email clients are integrated into thousands of free emoticons via composing get to start. These emoticons really make you a good sense between you and your partner. We found some awesome free emoticons that you can’t see ever before as free emoticons from top email clients. The Google Chrome extension gives you free emoticons with different expressions brings to you a wordless emoticon and huge collection of fully free emoticons that gives you fun, love expression, Avatar from movie style and all kinds of free emoticons available in this gadget. Not only you can use another platform without free of charge, you can work with GMail, Yahoo Mail and Outlook email client too. More than 30 categories listed for free emoticons fully free service you can share different situation like events, business, Food festival, Games and more you want to. If you feel any situation this free emoticon will help you to gear up.

[Screenshot Credit :Syed Ali]

How to work it?
Search from thousand of free emoticon with listed. Select which is you like and select your preferred emoticon to copy the clipboard and move your cursor into an email box then give up CTRL +V, if your Mac user then Command-V that’s it.

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