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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

6 Best Free Android Registry Cleaner for your Smartphone Device

On your Android Smartphone the registry is the main key player to run the device very smoothly and also support your software program. Each and every time you visit your favorite websites that keeps files in the registry and it makes your mobile device very slow and you can't access faster. To solve the problem you can visit Google Play Store to find the best free registry cleaner their available to clean all unwanted files from the database and put back to normal position. Many registry files are mobile database settings, so when you do this process you have to handle very carefully clean the registry otherwise your mobile phone will be in critical condition. Before you start the cleaning process, you have to take backup file, recover the files. If you lose something else in the device. We have taken long around the Play Store which is the best and the free part of the service. Let's see what features are carried away. 

Clean Master Cleaner:

The powerful tool brings you faster to clean unwanted history data with One tab facility. It can involve to cleaning all incoming and outgoing calls, Google product search history and Application cache files will help to clean and boost up to run the system faster. Once you finish your mark the record will be available through on the program. 

1Tap Cleaner:

One tap selection is a free order to clean all kinds of files like URL history, cache folders, call logs from this you can do everything. You no need to make any adjustment into the phone database. The app main concept is to clean memory, disk gradually.   

Clean Droid: Deep Cleaner:

The one and only Clean Driod app will boost all kinds of features and function for Android mobile device. It can help to work faster and gives lots of space on system device. The app is intended to clean all kinds of debris like social network data, temporary files and folders and also automatically works when your cache files will fill out with requirement of space. Clean your privacy records, device booster and game planer, backup and uninstall app will be clean out from app manager and more can do from Clean Driod for Android. 


Cleaner is an Android support app that officially care to clean unimportant files and personal record data. It also work into a mobile phone to clean inbox message and call history for manually. You can clean your residues with one tap service not need go inside the main menu to clear out.

GO Cleaner & Task Manager:

It is the must-have tool to monitor and kill apps, clean cache, free memory and speed up your android phone! The most advanced task killer app from the GO Launcher team who you could trust. Make your phone faster and securer.

Android Cleaner:

Android Cleaner allows you to quickly remove and clean your browser, calls and text messages as well as identify and eliminate unwanted data applications that are in the device's internal memory cache.

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Saturday, June 7, 2014 Presenting Facebook Chat Heads Notification to Google Chrome Extension

There is a different way to get chatting notification through from Facebook Messenger. This wonderful option really uses for the people who living all around the world. The idea for this came from that presents Facebook Chat heads notifications on chrome extension. This tool also available on Google Play Store and Apple's iTunes Store as well as. To keep track this notification first of all you need to make add this tool on chrome extension. 

After that you have to make sign in with Facebook account on the app and it will open to a separate Windows page, once you closed the messenger windows and it will continue to get the message on the Windows. Once you open Google browser, you can see on the right of middle you can find your friends heads notification with oxygen filled water sac. And you can see chat message was slowly pushing out. 

Source: Via: addictivetips, Lifehacker 
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Monday, April 7, 2014

gMaps Pro brings Version 3.0 for Windows Phone

The Developer DreamTeam Mobile has made new updates for gMaps Pro v 3.0 for Windows Phone users. 

Once the new updated here after, the company was mention that doesn't affiliated with Google. Inc, and the app have some important features to search nearest location and fast calculating the speed, variety of layer support, and more. 

And also you can share the location using mobile devices like SMS, email, GPS support for driving vehicle and more.  

Hereafter the new version 3.0: 

Newly added search and direction User Interface, finding the location battery is taking more responsibility that not drain always, to find out exact maps third party app support like Waze, Nokia Drive and more over. Finally, it's taken more standardize with improvements. 

Source: gMaps Pro        
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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Google Play Music for Chrome Now Support Drag and Drop to Upload Songs

Image Credit: Google+

Google, Specially invite for Google Play Music that users can upload favorite songs through their own library by using drag and drop method in the Chrome web browser. The developer mentioned the service only support to chrome app. And still it was a lab, users can make arrangement manually to get this service. 

Additionally, you can choose a long music file to upload by clicking "Add Music" on Google Play Music on top of the right hand side, not only this the new lab has mini player and you can go through to click the arrow in the right bottom of the web page, so you can wait what's going on the music to skid the tap. Also the service can do download songs, albums and playlist through from the Web.  

Source: Google+  Via: the next web
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Friday, February 28, 2014

How to Zoom in & Out the Web Page via Chrome browser

Google's Chrome browser is a safe, more reliable and finding web pages very faster ever before. In this wonderful search browser has numerous shortcut keys available and they are kept in hidden place. If you like that many of shortcut keys then you can use it very easily throughout your project. Now I am going to show you the tricks and tips that really useful for you.

Many Software program has Zoom ability to find the web page inside the content and images, for this to access faster a user can use shortcut keys to Zoom in and out. Keyboard and Mouse are the important device that you need to take action above one. 

Just hold down Ctrl with your finger and scroll the mouse wheel to up front to make zoom in or out. This method you can try with Chrome browser. 

Using only Keyboard can make zoom in and out. By holding Ctrl key and press (-) or (+) key to zoom in or out your web page that it comes easily.

To bring default mode reset is the option by holding Ctrl and press 0 that's it. Your Web page will become as a normal view.    

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Glove for Android Now Search You the Best Cell Phone Carrier Nearest Location

Glove App starts his process only for three days and the rest of them find your nearest cell network location. And the app available in the Google play Store. 

The app recently released as a beta version to find out the best carrier location in your city like San Francisco, New York and few more. It's come to all your Android Mobile handset very much. The very interesting app only access for three days, after that it find your best choice of cell network. Golve mentioned that will support to the user to select the best one. This newly rolled out Glove app only integrated with some top mobile company like Sprint, Verizon, AT@T, and T-mobile. This new app will come to iOS device in future.

Source: Glove, Google Play Store   Via: GigaOM,  CNET

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014 Share Events on Your Calendar via Email is a web tool that you can add events via email to the calendar very easily, to start the process, send an email with all events to the label address of the calendar. After that it will automatically receive a calendar and systematized to you. 

This service allows to access with simple method. Once you click on top right corner of log in, it will redirect to the Gmail account and you have to give permission to access on the Gmail account to work with few features, after connecting and to start sending events to the calendar via email. 

The same formula which you can see on TripIt, to make booking conformation, hotel booking, and travel date all you can find it on this website. For security purpose you can chat with email ID those who are connected with chat conversation users will receive a calendar invite after finding the people.

Basically, this new tool arrived very few days and you will get more features for some days.

Source:       Via:   Lifehacker

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Google's Google Admin released on iPhone & iPad

A newly released Google Admin app available on Apple's iTunes Store for iPhone and iPad devices. It carries you from the task anywhere you can do your personal and business features via iOS app. Add new users, secure password reset again, control, multi account groups, help line mode, and your domain customization changes. Review and filter previous log entries all it could be done this app. You no need to carry your laptop, just take your handy Smartphone device anywhere. That's it. 

Google Amin v 1.0 New change logs:

  • User Management Features - Add/Edit user, Suspend user, Restore user, Delete user, Reset password
  • Group Management Features - Add/Edit Group, Add members, Email all members, Delete group, View group members
  • Audit Logs - Review Audit logs, Filter logs by admin, date ranges and event types

Important: This app is designed for super admins of Google's Enterprise products including Google Apps for Business, Education, Government, Google Coordinate and Chromebooks.

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Google Doodle Celebrates Dian Fossey 's birthday

Dian Fossey is an American zoologist was born on 16 January 1932, San Francisco. She Start his education career at Lowell High School his step father's foot path, After some days she love animals at the age of 19, So she joined in a biology course at the University of California in Davis. 

Google Doodle featured his African mountain and Gorilla in Forest life that was inspired in his life long too. Dian research about gorilla lifestyle more than 18 years and spend her whole work and life experience by contributing his book for gorillas that you can find in the mist. A film Sigourney Weaver was created a cinematic adaptation of the book. Suddenly she got an offer to travel into an African due to some financial problem, during her visit, she met various part of the African people that they achieve in Wild life safari. 

Fossey helps to arrest some illegally having poachers in national parks, they got in jail and some of them had a  life term in prison.

Finally, Dian Fossey was murdered someone in Rwanda in 1985 in her own cabin room, and the case was filed in court. Today, Google Celebrates Dian Fossey's 82nd birthday on his Doodle's theme. 

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Best Chrome Web extension for Phone & SmS

We always call family and friends internationally that it comes with a Smartphone or on the web. Some country they give call very expensive rate, so we choose some cheap way to call international. Not only the technology grown fast currently with VoIP service that give less expensive, but it gives huge time to stay on call. This VoIP service comes with a software tool that you can install on your computer or Smartphone device and to make calls to worldwide. The thing is some country doesn't allow to call, because of their revenue. Ok we stop the boring conversation. Now we step into the matter, We have found some Chrome extension those who are addicted in Google service then here is a choice that you can make Phone and Sms service on the web.   

Users can send and receive all types of text message from your Laptop, Computer Desktop and tablet devices. You wish to send like the Smartphone. The extension can able to allow Answering your calls, disconnect unwanted calls, set low soundtrack, and make dial from your computer system. The extension available both Android and iPhone device. 

UberConference brings auto connect conferencing service, you don't need to use some critical PIN code to accepted follower, Just spin the number automatically connect with the caller. The extension allows to see their bio like photos, names, and more personal information when you connect others.   

This Chrome Extension makes your Sms very simple like instantly, sending message without having a phone device using a web browser on your computer desktop. 

Likiwi is a tiny Chrome extension that you allow to make calling your friends an colleagues through worldwide on the web. The developer says it will support more 40 Landline country and also coming soon for free calls to Smartphone devices. That's it. 

Web XMS is an on time performance to send free messages to your Smartphones with XMS app, Using some extra features like Picture, emoticons, and more. If you like to bring this extension on your Smartphone, and available on Android, iPhone, Nokia, Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry devices. 

The Bulletin for the Chrome extension adds to your Chrome browser and log in and start text message from desktop computer to the mobile device. The extension mainly gives service for telecoms, Financial Institute, University and World Corporation. To run this service no need for installation and applying the code and through Bulletin interface you can send bulk amount of 2 way SMS though out of worldwide. 

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Raymond Loewy 120th Birthday Celebration on Google Doodle

Google Doodle celebrates 120th birthday of his Raymond Loewy's and everyone know, he is a father of Industrial Designer. Those who are interested to know his biography and you can read more and just follow this article.

He is an inventor of among the design like Shell, Exxon, TWA and BP Logos, and consumer product like Coca-Cola machines, Lucky Strike package, refrigerators and more came his under the belt. Raymond Loewy was born in France, Paris 5th November 1893, Maximillian and Marie Labalme is the father and mother and his wife Jean Thompson is a french woman.

His debut design is model aircraft was won the Gordon Bennett cup. He decided to sell his own aircraft with the name Ayrel. In the beginning he did various jobs as a Window Designer for supermarket in New York City. And he opened his permanent office in London that still in activate. His life time achievement is Pennsylvania Railroad that was made in 1937 to the passenger locomotives, and also organized shroud for K4S Pacific #3768 is minimum design which it comes after as a logo on Google doodle. 

After long serve from industrial design was retired in 1980 and he return to his France. A few years lived with peace of mind and he died on 14th July 1986 in Monte Carlo at the age of 92.   
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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Gmail and Google Docs brings handwriting interface languages

Google brings his handwriting interface to Gmail and Google Docs. This product will allow users to generate context directly from the mail and Docs using with Mouse or trackpad. If you have tried most of the features in Translate, this will be seen quite simple; If you want to try handwriting features then you need to enable input tools on Gmail and Google Docs. To write single or multiple words Via panel on Screen, the translate will support to gear up the long content for Email or docs. The Google Company ensured that handwriting input situated on Gmail as a 20 languages and Google Docs imported more than 50 languages. These features Bringing some easier way to use the internet all over the world. And it will make some sensational amidt of languages.    Via: Gmail blog    
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Friday, September 6, 2013

Google Drive Updates for iOS With a New Card Style View, Much Easier File Sharing and More

Recently, Google has brought an update to Google Drive App for iOS, the app now has a new Card style layout to Google+ and Drive App for Android Devices. The App has a new features option that is thumbnails for files and photos Display, Users can bring grid and list view from the toggle to search easy file With the tap press. Users can grab the links and share to any app folder that will be added in to the clipboard, and also supports to view and edit files and folders into the landscape Mode with jointly. To find a file is the most simple way. To get this new update you Can easily download from the App store for free. 
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Google Doodle remembers Leonidas DA Silva's 100th birthday

Google Doodle celebrates Leonidas Da Silva 100th birthday on Google search page as a theme. A bicycle kicker was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on 6 September 1913. In 20th century mid, he was called by a black diamond and rubber man for his speedy performance. Leonidas is an only football player shows his enormous bicycle kick in football history. He participates in two world cup where he shows his top score in the 1938 world cup tournament. 

Note: The FIFA World Cup will be held in Leonidas Da Silva home country in Brazil 2014.     
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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Discover your Favorite YouTube Videos Stats With VidIQ vision for Chrome Users

Chrome: Making a Good selection on your YouTube Videos Site Which users can gift the larger view points. How to Know the videos stars in the current field. VidIQ vision is an extension of the Chrome, Which videos makes most popular So far. If you have finest video on your gadget to share on your World broadcast YouTube, You want to upload right Now on it. VidIQ, a YouTube Certified Company that provides bunch of statics like Facebook Comments, Views, Channel Subscriber, FB likes, Tweets and Comments. You no need to Sign in an account to access, With an easy way you can Taste the product. VidIQ is a product that sets with full gizmo to YouTube pages. To get this information from Video Site you need to install from Google chrome extension to grab the VidIQ vision. Click once to add the chrome button On your chrome browser. After the installation You can go through to the YouTube site and find out the gadget from the Video on right side. The total package you can get from a single video, which you has selected from the Video site.  

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Mozilla Persona Connecting in to Gmail Users With Sign-in

Mozilla Persona preparing to sign in any kind of website that you can use any email ID. But other client email service provider you may have to use real names or one account to activate. The new announcement came here after from Mozilla dev. Persona has a multiple advantage rather than other service have. So let us see what feature have in mozilla persona. Introducing an Identity Bridge service provider for Gmail users. When you start persona or persona start Mozilla will conform your email addresses. To log in, Webmaker is a website that joins with at the right time. Enter into Website and move the cursor on the top Sign in to save, it will open a new persona pop-up window  and there you can enter your Gmail address to begin the confirmation step. After finishing the process, you will redirect to a Google page where you need allow persona to view the account of email address. Later you will be taken to a sign in process, in the rear mode your window logged in automatically. Once you allow the confirmation process you no need to do again the same procedure until you deny the permit. 

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