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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Glove for Android Now Search You the Best Cell Phone Carrier Nearest Location

Glove App starts his process only for three days and the rest of them find your nearest cell network location. And the app available in the Google play Store. 

The app recently released as a beta version to find out the best carrier location in your city like San Francisco, New York and few more. It's come to all your Android Mobile handset very much. The very interesting app only access for three days, after that it find your best choice of cell network. Golve mentioned that will support to the user to select the best one. This newly rolled out Glove app only integrated with some top mobile company like Sprint, Verizon, AT@T, and T-mobile. This new app will come to iOS device in future.

Source: Glove, Google Play Store   Via: GigaOM,  CNET

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

FullContact App brings Business Card Reader for Android Device

FullContact App, In previous update Snap a photo of a business card on your iPhone device. And this new feature now available on your Android Device and you will get from the Google play Store. This app serves free for only limited time service. 

Once you Snap a Photo your business card and get back to take rest to view verified card. After it goes through contact list at the moment. While you are scanning a card in offline mode, no problem where you will be the internet comes, it will automatically transcribe the data easily anywhere. 

FullContact is a fastest reader to function this one accurate business card that merges with Salesforce or your Android Address book.

Source: FullContact

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Double Twist AirPlay Recorder now Support to Mac Notebook

Image Credit: doubletwist 

Anyway, you did before, that iTunes Radio or Audio service available on your Android Market to record the songs on your Smartphone device. Now the new update can over on your Mac Notebook right now. Double Twist AirPlay support for Mac OS X to record the song through from the iTunes audio or live stream to listen in offline mode. 

The double Twist AirPlay Recorder now directs available as Airplay on iTunes. To run the recorder choose the 'dt recorder' through from the iTunes AirPlay, which itself comes audio and streaming song. These music files will be saved on your Recorder folder. And it will allow to record 10 seconds of music files, if you need full version the you have to pay some penny like the $10 price tag. 

This Double Twist AirPlay Recorder only support to Mac OS X and to download the tool and it comes easily. 

Via: Engadget    Source: Doubletwist
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Friday, January 17, 2014

Tinder based 6tindr has updated live tiles, toast notification and more

You want to find friends and colleagues then you have to prepare the arrangement of nearest location and time schedule. These all function is probably applicable on Tinder app, but it only support on Google Play and iPhone devices. The developer never thing to create Tinder app for the Windows Phone system, but the Rudy Huyn interested to bring 6tindr app on the Windows Store, After launching this app, it gets a new update feature on the Windows phone Store. What new change logs available in 6tindr app. 

6tindr version 1.1 brings below following options:
The minor update introduces integrated live tile for contact, and also adds advance toast notification and fast resume app to bring up and more creation is there. The free 6tindr app on Windows Phone Store to download that support windows mobile device. We have to know about this new released app improvement via your clean comments below the box. That's it. 

Contributor by:

Via: wpcentral    Source: 6tendr 

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Spotify modernizes for the iOS app to give free music streaming in shuffle based

A year end of 2013, Spotify announced his new idea that offers free music streaming in shuffle based are already available on Google Play Store, and now the features comes into App Store customers. And today the new update goes into the iPhone and iPad devices. 

IPhone users can get artist or playlist from the Smartphone or tablet PC, Is set to play in shuffle mode and using premium subscription mode, it will release the restriction listening play music, and also Spotify enabling countries. Now you can clinch a new update version on App Store with the big move.   

Via: Engadget 
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Monday, December 2, 2013

Top Free News & Magazine for Android Users

You need Some top free Google Play News & Magazine to Place it on your Android Smartphone. We find some famous News & Magazine that give a minute to minute live service on your mobile phone. Let's have a look. Before we continue, Please don't forget to give a clean comments on this site or article.

News Hunt: India News | eBooks :

India's number one newspaper NewsHunt that adds more than 80+ regional newspapers with 11 languages and give the largest collection to the eBook readers.

  Gulf  News:

The Gulf News delivers the current news around the world. Now you can read Business related news, Sports views, Politics, entertaiment and latest news, and unique content that you can view on your mobile device.

Flipboard News 

Flipboard the app comes with nice design to share the news with kind of World news and Social news in awesome magazine layout to your Android supporting devices.


Many users know that most watching news television Network NDTV supports Android app that comes with stories and live video and the app will appear all NDTV Channels and 24x7 news channel and it gets a new experience for big size tablet PC.

The New York Times :

The best journalism in the world that you can get a new knowledge from The New York Times application. You can access variety news information about the worldwide, wherever your interest gone. 

Readers Please Leave your Clean Comments below Comments Box. 
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Friday, June 7, 2013

Establish “Stock Keyboard” On Your Android Device From Google Play Store

If you are using Android or Tablet devices, here you Can continue to read an article about Google keyboard. Google Maintain a Stock Keyboard as a following Nexus type of key function to download from Google play Store.
Hereafter the announcement came from Google plus that Google keyboard has a movement typing that will slip the letter to generate the word, And hold your finger to enter a space, automatic correction, word guessing these are the functionality on key pad . On the way you can create your message easily with this option. The platform Supports more than 26 languages with a keyboard layout and more. Google Keyboard hands on with you easier and faster typing enhancement.

[Credit : Syed Ali]

The Google Key board is an Android open source platform, Users can customize their own style, choosing your own thought to Possibly, this is an over welcoming example and you can search more best Know keyboards available on Google play. The keyboard support minimum Requirement of Android 4.0 and above. [Via : Google+


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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Google Keep launches Android App on Google Play

Google officially rolled out his new Google Keep on Google play for Android users, like same Evernote, Google Keep, you can create notes, Checklists, Photos and all your content you can sync between mobile devices. Now available on the web version to install on Android users and Coming month it will be launched on Google Drive the company says. 

[Via: Google]
Now you can enjoy an Android version of Google Keep for mobile and Tablets running Android 4.1 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher version come out of Google Play Store.
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