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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

FullContact App brings Business Card Reader for Android Device

FullContact App, In previous update Snap a photo of a business card on your iPhone device. And this new feature now available on your Android Device and you will get from the Google play Store. This app serves free for only limited time service. 

Once you Snap a Photo your business card and get back to take rest to view verified card. After it goes through contact list at the moment. While you are scanning a card in offline mode, no problem where you will be the internet comes, it will automatically transcribe the data easily anywhere. 

FullContact is a fastest reader to function this one accurate business card that merges with Salesforce or your Android Address book.

Source: FullContact

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

PicCard Creates Photo Greeting Card, Make Charisma from the iPhone Device

The day you want to make special like Valentine's day, birthday Party, wedding day and more. You want to share your loved one within seconds from the app. It's called PicCard app from Softease Tech. The iPhone support software PicCard recently entered into Apple's iTunes Store and it's made fast and beautiful greeting cards. 

The app need to save template which is carrying different types of greeting themes like Wedding day, New year and more. The template contains each three free template theme. If you want to buy more template, then visit in-app store to purchase the template. PicCard app allows your iPhone camera to take pictures and add to them on the eCard. After that it took effort to rearrange the setting of the picture or, you can tap twice on your picture, this one going to allow to share the greeting card on Facebook, Twitter and email service. If you need to change from your eCard, you can transfer to another app for future changes. 

The app makes all easy service to create simple ecards in a second. If you want to make faster, the only choice is PicCard value for editing and sharing, To get this app, just visit on Apple's store to get a free download.  

Source: PicCard    

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Google's Google Admin released on iPhone & iPad

A newly released Google Admin app available on Apple's iTunes Store for iPhone and iPad devices. It carries you from the task anywhere you can do your personal and business features via iOS app. Add new users, secure password reset again, control, multi account groups, help line mode, and your domain customization changes. Review and filter previous log entries all it could be done this app. You no need to carry your laptop, just take your handy Smartphone device anywhere. That's it. 

Google Amin v 1.0 New change logs:

  • User Management Features - Add/Edit user, Suspend user, Restore user, Delete user, Reset password
  • Group Management Features - Add/Edit Group, Add members, Email all members, Delete group, View group members
  • Audit Logs - Review Audit logs, Filter logs by admin, date ranges and event types

Important: This app is designed for super admins of Google's Enterprise products including Google Apps for Business, Education, Government, Google Coordinate and Chromebooks.

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Viddme Upload Videos on the web, iOS and Android device

Viddme the video sharing service came up first on Reddit. The web app transparently copied like imgur for video, Actually the service completely designed with photo sharing websites with anonymously. But the photo sharer has taken the first step to give video, because of usage from all over the world. 

Viddme is a new web service app that's available on website, iPhone and Google Play Store, now users can drag and drop video to upload on the web and mobile. Not only you can upload video via Smartphone or using a tablet PC within a few steps. It's going to easy without sign in process, you can do faster and quickly. After finishing upload videos, you share videos any social network site, and post it on Reddit, otherwise you can grab the link as you like. Through from Viddme users can share unlimited GIFs and it comes real quality video clarity. There is no restriction to load the video, but you have to obey the rules and regulation. NSFW watching you to warn, if there is going wrong. Hopefully, if you like then visit direct on Viddme.  

Via: techcrunch 

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Best 3 Free Encylopedia app for iPad Device

If you have listened the encyclopedia site that gives full information. What related topics you have been looking from around the website. You can go through from the desktop to view the related title at present. But if it goes iPad, It's quite interesting that need a supporting software to view the content. If you look the best encyclopedia application, then it will become quite difficult to find the app for you, We make it easy to select one of the apps that fulfill your requirements. Ok, lets move into the topic, we have selected the best 3 free encyclopedia app for iPad.  

Wikipedia Mobile:

The app integrated with millions of articles and more than two hundred languages can be changed. All around the world many famous has been written with various articles and biography all mess with iPad device. You can view the article into offline mode as well, and copy and share option easily can do. 

Wikipanion for iPad:

Using Wikipanion to search the content through Wikipedia, it will get faster and much easier and it completely well formed with Wikipedia to search and navigate the entries on Wikipedia. Live streamline, bookmark, sync your with iCloud data centre, and more to use the app on iPad. 

Fotopedia Heritage:

This one, well integrated with photo frame and also loved all over the world. It can guide traveler and entertaining all time. The app carrying more than 30,000 high definition images through searching preference. 

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Tinder based 6tindr has updated live tiles, toast notification and more

You want to find friends and colleagues then you have to prepare the arrangement of nearest location and time schedule. These all function is probably applicable on Tinder app, but it only support on Google Play and iPhone devices. The developer never thing to create Tinder app for the Windows Phone system, but the Rudy Huyn interested to bring 6tindr app on the Windows Store, After launching this app, it gets a new update feature on the Windows phone Store. What new change logs available in 6tindr app. 

6tindr version 1.1 brings below following options:
The minor update introduces integrated live tile for contact, and also adds advance toast notification and fast resume app to bring up and more creation is there. The free 6tindr app on Windows Phone Store to download that support windows mobile device. We have to know about this new released app improvement via your clean comments below the box. That's it. 

Contributor by:

Via: wpcentral    Source: 6tendr 

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Spotify modernizes for the iOS app to give free music streaming in shuffle based

A year end of 2013, Spotify announced his new idea that offers free music streaming in shuffle based are already available on Google Play Store, and now the features comes into App Store customers. And today the new update goes into the iPhone and iPad devices. 

IPhone users can get artist or playlist from the Smartphone or tablet PC, Is set to play in shuffle mode and using premium subscription mode, it will release the restriction listening play music, and also Spotify enabling countries. Now you can clinch a new update version on App Store with the big move.   

Via: Engadget 
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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Magisto App for iOS Adds Video and Audio Edit Without Experience Looks Great

iOS: If you know about those things you are a capability to do or you should be an experienced gentlemen relevant work that makes you very simply. Are you having to train somewhere else to get these major projects to be done. What can we do or we hire third party application that generates lots of construction easily. Magisto is a an App for iOS which is doing video and photo editing those who don't have enough experience or known well all kinds of video editing almost. Now you can decide your Magisto App support like movie maker as a developer. In this App once you feed your video or photos to create via edit and show you to gather for you, looks a professionally on an edit that you will be satisfied the way you share with friends and colleagues. Magical Video Editor features included: this service has a 24 /7 on your iPhone and iPod that makes you analyze, trims, edit all parts of videos. After creating videos allowing to share Facebook timeline, Twitter, email and YouTube Broadcast. In this setting have filter option, Sound effect and transfer files. Save music songs from Magisto library subscriber. Here magical to access movie from any devices as well as some bug fixes too. You will get possibility rank, what you will get, while downloading for future video editing. That's it.  [Source: Magisto/iTunes Store

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Friday, June 28, 2013

Digg Brings New Updates on iOS With Digg Readers Support and Import Google Reader Feeds/Folder

Credit: iTunes

Digg Reader is coming through with lot's of new updates, but some of the features have been rolled out to iOS users. You Can import Google readers feeds and folders on Digg, before Google closing date of July 1st. Once you are in, what Kind of facility is there? You can migrate your feeds and folders from Google readers. Follow shortcuts keys easily like Same Google. Created article you can transport into Instapaper, Pocket and Readability. Need and comments there are an option to share Social Network sites. Save post and view later with private or public. The huge impress is you can easily find feeds by clicking "Add" button and type your name that's it. Digg says there has to come more feature and benefits for Digg readers. 
[Source: Digg Blog] Via: iTunes

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Monday, May 6, 2013

App Store Going to Hit 50 Million Downloads

Apple’s latest news is app store is nearing 50 million download within few days. In this ceremony of this achievement, the company announces $10,000 App store gift voucher of those who downloads 50 millionth download and fifty people will get $500 after 50 millionth Download. Apple store rolled out most downloaded application free and paid version for all time.
To join 50 millionth countdown promotions form no need to purchase application from app store to win. There is a limit to apply this countdown one person per day maximum 25 entries will allow. The contest will put down after 50 millionth of downloads.

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

LinkedIn Display Pictures, Content, Videos into Online Professional Portfolio

                          [Credit: LinkedIn]
Now, LinkedIn improved himself in Profile division that is, you can create your professional portfolio to look enrichment on Profile pages. This one allows generating your content and your richness to show to worldwide and you are smarter on LinkedIn profile. This one gives to make your profile to become a good with unique content, taking images with professionally, attracting videos and more presentation on LinkedIn Profile.
To start this all you have to do log in to LinkedIn pages and simply select “edit” on your LinkedIn profile, after that follow to “Summary,” then “Experience” and “Education” portion. LinkedIn allow two new members to share their likes and comments on LinkedIn, What they have posted on their profile pages. In this rich media content what they allow to grand your LinkedIn Profile by showing with English content to the world. 

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