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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Animoto Video Maker v 5.0 adds iOS 7 & specially integrated for iPad

Animoto Video Maker, is an app design for iOS device that brings out your camera roll taking awesome picture and high quality videos. And include your images, music tone, themes to share a beautiful video to friends and everyone. The app version 5.0 has got some supercharge update with universal support and fully remodelled iOS 7.

To create your favorite video clips from the computer or grab from the social network like Facebook, Instagram, Picasa and much supporting social site. And it offers to modernize the video with the helping of images, clips, and fonts as you like it. Finally, you can end the video project and share who like you. via: Appadvice

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Have you ever been used photo zoom in Facebook

Million of user's accessing Facebook daily current statistic,Sharing and upload photos in facebook can see in your timeline.At the time the photos were looking like the small thumbnail image ,How it's possible to access big image.To solve this issue in the Facebook Regis Gaughan create a new extented photo zoom in Facebook.

  • Photo zoom extension is a small light-weight version by Regis Gaughan for Facebook.

  • It's co-ordinates with Facebook to Zoom your timeline photos.

  • You're in the Drivers Seat with a C$8.29 .COM from
  • By hovering your cursor on your Facebook profile image and friends and family are posted on your timeline image can see a larger image. 

  • To disable you Photo zoom click below icon in the Facebook home page.
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