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Friday, February 28, 2014

How to Zoom in & Out the Web Page via Chrome browser

Google's Chrome browser is a safe, more reliable and finding web pages very faster ever before. In this wonderful search browser has numerous shortcut keys available and they are kept in hidden place. If you like that many of shortcut keys then you can use it very easily throughout your project. Now I am going to show you the tricks and tips that really useful for you.

Many Software program has Zoom ability to find the web page inside the content and images, for this to access faster a user can use shortcut keys to Zoom in and out. Keyboard and Mouse are the important device that you need to take action above one. 

Just hold down Ctrl with your finger and scroll the mouse wheel to up front to make zoom in or out. This method you can try with Chrome browser. 

Using only Keyboard can make zoom in and out. By holding Ctrl key and press (-) or (+) key to zoom in or out your web page that it comes easily.

To bring default mode reset is the option by holding Ctrl and press 0 that's it. Your Web page will become as a normal view.    

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Yahoo! Mail provides a list of Keyboard shortcuts

 If you are in Yahoo mail interface then what have to do to reduce the time and fast accessing email on yahoo. Without using mouse click can use keyboard shortcuts for email purpose. This one makes you to send email faster. Yahoo mail built keyboard shortcuts their users to compose message to save the time consume.Recently, Yahoo mail updated their shortcut keys.

  • To check all mail use Shif+M

  • Go back to previous page Ctrl+[

  • To move to next page Ctrl+]

  • To exit current tab Ctrl+\ or Esc

  • To expand your mail windows can do maximum height press F11 above shortcuts keys for regular command.

  • While you on composing email to move your cursor for formatting and attach your tools use Shift+tab

  • Composing message can save as Draft use Ctrl+S

  • To send email message Ctrl+Enter

  • To print important details from email use Ctrl+P

These are shortcuts keys that help you compose email fast and save your time.[Source:Yahoo]

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Choose One of Five Chrome Extensions to Redesign Your Gmail

The most popular Email service today is a Gmail. If you are a Gmail enjoyer then here is the opportunity to become a better productivity of Gmail User’s. But it still there is so many options are missing by the users. If you are using Google Chrome then you can search hundreds of thousands of extensions on Chrome web store to add extra features to Gmail service provider. Here we are listed some of the supportive Google Chrome extensions that can improve your Gmail browsing experience. User’s, If you know any other extensions that can improve Gmail on Google Chrome. Let’s we know about new extensions writing below comments Box.

Mail Checker Plus for Google Mail
Google, Mail Checker Plus you can mail in your Gmail or Google Apps mail is used to manage a Chrome extension. This high quality is highly customizable and integrates with your browsing experience. With Mail checker Plus can do mail preview windows and you can read mail without leaving the current email page. Without opening mail you can do unwanted deleting files, Archive files and send unsecure message to the spam Folder. Adding extension on chrome address bar you will receive sound notification when new email arrives on Gmail.

KeyRocket is a Software that help Gmail service provider to produce Keyboard Shortcuts. Using KeyRocket on Chrome browser it saves you lot’s of time to bring out Keyboard Shortcuts immediate. Installing as an Extensions on Chrome Browser it will suggest shortcuts that you needed. So you are not well known user with lots of unneeded keys. While you are working with Microsoft office, KeyRocket highlight you with new shortcuts and Doesn’t disturb your workflow. If you are a newcomer or experience with this KeyRocket , It’s totally fitting your needs. KeyRocket is small and works out on Gmail, No need to put extra configuration unless you want it.  

Boomerang for Gmail from your inbox, a powerful extension that is easy to schedule email reminders. In fact, Chrome browser want you to use Boomerang to take messages out of your inbox. You choose the time, we played uneducated or marked at the top of your message list, bring it back to your Google inbox.

Wise Stamp 

WiseStamp users to view the World of Apps via email and involvement in social production and use e-mail for their help with Apps to set up an e-mail application  platform. There is a big gap between the social and dynamic web and e-mail. When you add other publishers enables their content and the largest online marketplace for a user to enter E-mail.

Rapportive live in your personal contacts on your inbox. Where are you on the basis of them, what they have seen, what people see. You can deliver rapport by sharing  interesting words. You can focus on your online by joining on your Twitter, Social giant Facebook and be able to grow. You can save the notes and thoughts. Your email is completely free for ERM.

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