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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

6 Best Free Android Registry Cleaner for your Smartphone Device

On your Android Smartphone the registry is the main key player to run the device very smoothly and also support your software program. Each and every time you visit your favorite websites that keeps files in the registry and it makes your mobile device very slow and you can't access faster. To solve the problem you can visit Google Play Store to find the best free registry cleaner their available to clean all unwanted files from the database and put back to normal position. Many registry files are mobile database settings, so when you do this process you have to handle very carefully clean the registry otherwise your mobile phone will be in critical condition. Before you start the cleaning process, you have to take backup file, recover the files. If you lose something else in the device. We have taken long around the Play Store which is the best and the free part of the service. Let's see what features are carried away. 

Clean Master Cleaner:

The powerful tool brings you faster to clean unwanted history data with One tab facility. It can involve to cleaning all incoming and outgoing calls, Google product search history and Application cache files will help to clean and boost up to run the system faster. Once you finish your mark the record will be available through on the program. 

1Tap Cleaner:

One tap selection is a free order to clean all kinds of files like URL history, cache folders, call logs from this you can do everything. You no need to make any adjustment into the phone database. The app main concept is to clean memory, disk gradually.   

Clean Droid: Deep Cleaner:

The one and only Clean Driod app will boost all kinds of features and function for Android mobile device. It can help to work faster and gives lots of space on system device. The app is intended to clean all kinds of debris like social network data, temporary files and folders and also automatically works when your cache files will fill out with requirement of space. Clean your privacy records, device booster and game planer, backup and uninstall app will be clean out from app manager and more can do from Clean Driod for Android. 


Cleaner is an Android support app that officially care to clean unimportant files and personal record data. It also work into a mobile phone to clean inbox message and call history for manually. You can clean your residues with one tap service not need go inside the main menu to clear out.

GO Cleaner & Task Manager:

It is the must-have tool to monitor and kill apps, clean cache, free memory and speed up your android phone! The most advanced task killer app from the GO Launcher team who you could trust. Make your phone faster and securer.

Android Cleaner:

Android Cleaner allows you to quickly remove and clean your browser, calls and text messages as well as identify and eliminate unwanted data applications that are in the device's internal memory cache.

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Monday, May 5, 2014

A social App Viber Updated on Windows Phone Store

Recently the most wanted features were updated from Viber for Windows Phone. And it's again taking part to add some few of them right now. The app sets last month users can call from mobile number and share video messages. As now the new update brings Enhance to Viber with photo, video and sharing location messages. The app carrying 300+ million of users. Let you can visit update or download through from Windows Phone Store. 

Source: Viber for Windows Phone Store  Via: Wpcentral 
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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Best of Best free Disk Defragmenter for Windows PC

If your computer doesn't meet such a kind of requirement that you are facing on your desktop PC. Which is slow down and not enabling the system faster. To solve this complication on your computer hard drive. When you start to write data on your hard drive, it will never go to allow to place it all in one place. Each part of the program file, it will not write continuously from beginning to the end of your hard drive. Due to the reason the system runs slowly or having analyzing through to disk. Defragmenter is a software tool that solves your computer gets slow down, file crashes, Windows open with slow wake up, While making defragmenting the files, you can bring single minute. Here you can follow the tool with free of service. 


Piriform's Defraggler is a freeware software tool that you can defragment your files, folders or entire hard disk. Trying this useful software, your file will be safe on windows using with the same formula. The windows support NTFS and FAT32 are the main file systems. 

Auslogics Disk Defrag:

Auslogics Disk Defrag is a free software with compact and fast deframenter used by people from all over the world. And the software support to improve your computer via defragmenting or rearrange the files and folders on your hard disk. To run this tool on your computer the file weight of 5.4 MB must be to install on your computer system. And the developer gives safe and secure. Auslogics support Windows XP, Vista, 7, Windows 8.1.  


MyDefrag is a maintenance utility tool to make your PC faster with degragmenting on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and rest to lead a new updated OS. The software works unlimited with a time requirement, fully loaded features and no Ads integrated. This one useful to advance user and make your total schedule to run the system with full task. myDefrag moves all files and folders particular disk with API support, and safely even your computer occupy your hard disk full space. 

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Wechat gets more stickers and email links for Windows Phone users

If you are a well known person about Wechat then it's available on Windows Store. The app gives free text to type, audio message and video calls all three mess into Windows Phone 7.5 and 8 Operating system. The app most of them likes from the Asia Pacific sector, and the users service goes 300 million around the world. Now the app getting into a version 5.0 landed in Windows Store smoothly. 

We find a social network Wechat gets updated and it's available on Windows Store, now you can competent to download huge collection of stickers from the sticker shop, save beloved content clippings with chat on the go!. Unfortunately missing user ID or password easy email links you get it back in the same position. Social entrepreneur can download through from the Windows Store for free price tag.   

Via: Wpcentral 
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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How to Recapture Lost Windows Data on your computer

Recover lost windows data

Those who are facing problem on windows operating system on your computer,In some cases,you may lose you files on windows operating system.

Like folder,Documents,image,videos 
Mp3 files and more.In such case we have to sort out the problem,If you know how to recover lost files and try you own experience or call   technician to support,If you can't do this with both,Then find ready made software utilities.Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery best utilities support on windows OS. This not only protects yours files from being destroyed.Its keep your work reduces ripen.let's move feature review about windows data recovery.
Credit:Stellar Phoenix
  • Once you install windows Data Recovery tool on your computer it's help you to recapture the lost files or folder on speedy and smooth.
  • If your computer decline to open  windows,this amazing tool help without reboot system will begin.
  • Delete files or lost documents on your hard drive or Peripheral device do without difficulty can recover data. 
  • Windows Data Recovery perfectly works on RAID5(Redundant Array of Independent Disks)with probable defects.
  • Windows Data Recovery respectively supply 3 types of privilege.this tool can find automatically rectify RAID.
  • Around  two terabyte files can do recover this tool,fast and smoothly.
  • Easy to handle for user with full of image guide.
Window Data Recovery compound is helpful for user.

Always need your feedback and comments.

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