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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Piceahub Can Drag & Drop Multimedia Files from the Web to your Personal Device

If you have seen the famous media files through on a website and you need to get them back onto your PC or Mobile device There was an easy option to download all the files within seconds. PiceaHub, it's kind of software that will support to share online videos, music files, and images to Computer, mobile, and tablets. And also it can transfer files to cloud service like (Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive). To add these performance you need to get the action with drag and drop function to the device's icon.

Thereafter you can choose the file that you want to download for device, whether it is a PC, mobile or tablet with drag and drop movement, and it will be downloaded into the default location. Not only a part of this, you can transfer files through from the USB cable or Bluetooth connection to get the media files for the devices. Few more options are given to the users like auto file conversion, single and multiple files can be downloaded easily direct from the software. This useful feature can download online media files directly  from the web.

Source: PicesHub   Via: ilovefreesoftware 
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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Best 10 Free High Definition Wallpapers Sites for Desktop and Mobile Device

When you buy a new system that along comes some free Wallpapers do you know that? Using regular which is given free installed that enough attract you any more about the system. Either choosing customize Wallpapers bringing back to your computer or mobile device that really looks very cool. If you search in the internet lot of Wallpapers sites available, but they are not much covering your aspect, when it comes with your system device. That's why we have survived around the web our most welcome free High Definition Wallpapers websites for your computer Desktop or mobile device that really make simple by choosing anyone on through this article. Here is the Best 10 High Definition Wallpapers Sites for Desktop or mobile device, if you know more then please let me for future update.  

Desktop Nexus:

Dual Monitor Background:



HD wallpapers:


Simple Desktops:

Social Wallpapering:

Desktop Wallpaper Project:

The Paper Wall:


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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Google Keep launches Android App on Google Play

Google officially rolled out his new Google Keep on Google play for Android users, like same Evernote, Google Keep, you can create notes, Checklists, Photos and all your content you can sync between mobile devices. Now available on the web version to install on Android users and Coming month it will be launched on Google Drive the company says. 

[Via: Google]
Now you can enjoy an Android version of Google Keep for mobile and Tablets running Android 4.1 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher version come out of Google Play Store.
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