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Monday, February 10, 2014

WikiExplorer Deliver Simple & Elegant Wikipedia Articles on Android

Wikipedia is a clean interface to read articles, if you are using Smartphone website then it looks perfect. But the features are still showing same background right now. WikiExplorer is a client web app for Wikipedia that improve the layout and content of the articles and make users to read Wikipedia with full functionality. It can sort out the whole articles in the reading list. If you don't have enough time, then save to read the articles as much you want to read into offline mode. The app allows readers to restore the previous content that where you have left off the service, advance setting and automatically open Wikipedia links are available. 

Using WikiExplorer there was in line image will be shown, so users can read the text and preview the picture in full screen size and the content will run behind the screen at the same time you can return your previous page easily. There are more apps available on the Android market to support Wikipedia website, and also each and every app they have their qualities and options. So the users can go through on Google Play Store and download it on your Smartphone and tell me how you feel via comments.  Via: makeuseof 

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Best 7 Linux based games shooter bundle

Most of the game users they love to play games via online with the free and paid version that really smash around the game department. Now we look for game support operating system that we normally use to install the software and to Run the games with HD sound surround tracking system. So many of game follower they hurry to play with the open source OS platform. You really need something to test your game into Linux based free open source site. We have selected games through websites that really useful to your games gadget. The best 7 Linux based games shooter link below here and game planner also. Before you leave put your clean comments, if you know the best of your knowledge then let me know. That's it. 

Alien Arena:

Alien Arena is a small and the big outrage play game that built in large quantity of the basement, and you can bring at any time to enjoy! 

Red Eclipse:

Red Eclipse is a fun speed contain with action covered, and spontaneous first person game shooter. And it Cube Engine with open source that deliver his age of service and it looks very awesome. The graphic comes with modern types of mixed wise settings, when you play there was no issue in this platform. 


BZflag, free online 3D battle game is a block based fastest and beautiful game plan. Which is mostly runs others: Windows, Mac OSx, Linux and free open source platforms. This game allows to play with teamwork to entertainment.

Team Fortress 2:

Team Fortress 2 is a Linux based game show, the popular action shooter game available an online. The cartoon character now change into a game play, which shows engineer, soldiers, street fighter, doctor, these are the actor, which you going to involve into battle war.  


Nexuiz was highly intelligent with one person to start shooting with freely around the platform in one package. The original game comes from Lee  and Forest under his development. The game will run with PC, Mac, and Linux Open source. Darkplace engine was injected  into the Nexuiz game to make powerful. 

Open Arena:

Open Arena is a team Deathmatch game, it is a free open source format game on Linux. When you start the arena game, it includes some Gib and Rockets weapons to hold and fight in the battlefield. 

Scorched 3D:

Scorched 3D was evolved into the base concept of cannon army and the action game program which player can show their skill with weapons and rest of iron component, shield and using trick to defeat the enemies. The game gives twenty four options to the player at the same time, turn into human play game approximately change in landscape mode and User interface guidance. The brings Apocalypse mod, and advance weaponry items. 

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