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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Glove for Android Now Search You the Best Cell Phone Carrier Nearest Location

Glove App starts his process only for three days and the rest of them find your nearest cell network location. And the app available in the Google play Store. 

The app recently released as a beta version to find out the best carrier location in your city like San Francisco, New York and few more. It's come to all your Android Mobile handset very much. The very interesting app only access for three days, after that it find your best choice of cell network. Golve mentioned that will support to the user to select the best one. This newly rolled out Glove app only integrated with some top mobile company like Sprint, Verizon, AT@T, and T-mobile. This new app will come to iOS device in future.

Source: Glove, Google Play Store   Via: GigaOM,  CNET

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Google Doodle Celebrates Dian Fossey 's birthday

Dian Fossey is an American zoologist was born on 16 January 1932, San Francisco. She Start his education career at Lowell High School his step father's foot path, After some days she love animals at the age of 19, So she joined in a biology course at the University of California in Davis. 

Google Doodle featured his African mountain and Gorilla in Forest life that was inspired in his life long too. Dian research about gorilla lifestyle more than 18 years and spend her whole work and life experience by contributing his book for gorillas that you can find in the mist. A film Sigourney Weaver was created a cinematic adaptation of the book. Suddenly she got an offer to travel into an African due to some financial problem, during her visit, she met various part of the African people that they achieve in Wild life safari. 

Fossey helps to arrest some illegally having poachers in national parks, they got in jail and some of them had a  life term in prison.

Finally, Dian Fossey was murdered someone in Rwanda in 1985 in her own cabin room, and the case was filed in court. Today, Google Celebrates Dian Fossey's 82nd birthday on his Doodle's theme. 

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