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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Animoto Video Maker v 5.0 adds iOS 7 & specially integrated for iPad

Animoto Video Maker, is an app design for iOS device that brings out your camera roll taking awesome picture and high quality videos. And include your images, music tone, themes to share a beautiful video to friends and everyone. The app version 5.0 has got some supercharge update with universal support and fully remodelled iOS 7.

To create your favorite video clips from the computer or grab from the social network like Facebook, Instagram, Picasa and much supporting social site. And it offers to modernize the video with the helping of images, clips, and fonts as you like it. Finally, you can end the video project and share who like you. via: Appadvice

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Wechat gets more stickers and email links for Windows Phone users

If you are a well known person about Wechat then it's available on Windows Store. The app gives free text to type, audio message and video calls all three mess into Windows Phone 7.5 and 8 Operating system. The app most of them likes from the Asia Pacific sector, and the users service goes 300 million around the world. Now the app getting into a version 5.0 landed in Windows Store smoothly. 

We find a social network Wechat gets updated and it's available on Windows Store, now you can competent to download huge collection of stickers from the sticker shop, save beloved content clippings with chat on the go!. Unfortunately missing user ID or password easy email links you get it back in the same position. Social entrepreneur can download through from the Windows Store for free price tag.   

Via: Wpcentral 
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Sunday, April 28, 2013

TwDocs export your tweets as a Downloadable PDF

Once again we remind you that twitter is a social network and micro blogging service, you can tweet up to 140 characters of tweets. At the same time we shared our personal tweets, subscribed online news, sales offers from online shop, worldwide reports, sharing photos to friends and family these are all you have set on twitter account. To keep your content safely by downloading as a Document format and you can take Backup from twitter with offline supporting apps.

TwDocs is an offline mode application that exports and save twitter content as a PDF and more you want from. You can do backup work from Direct message option. You can export your latest tweet not more than 3200 tweets message from various options as Docs, PDF, xml and more. Before export your file from twitter you can select the advanced option by clicking check box and press Go button as well as. It will redirect twitter account to make authorization for TwDocs apps. Finally you will get permission from twitter and you can go through to export or backup as a Docs file whenever you need from twitter. 

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Monday, March 4, 2013

Facebook User’s Now Disable Notification Sound on the Web

Facebook user’s now they can hide the sound notification if they feel destructive then they can disable sound notification from removing right mark on check box with simply disabling, your sound notification will be done with in few steps.

First of all, log into Facebook , open the setting menu in the top-right hand side of the Facebook page.

Find notification option in the menu on top right hand and click “How You Get Notification”  click the on Facebook.

Find Uncheck the box next to the message “ Play a sound when each new notification is received”After uncheck your square box , Now you can feel free from receiving while chatting or notification message sound was disabled.

Remind you that check box controls all notification sound from receiving from various area and if you like to change your mind you can always go back and get at same option. 

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Have you ever been used photo zoom in Facebook

Million of user's accessing Facebook daily current statistic,Sharing and upload photos in facebook can see in your timeline.At the time the photos were looking like the small thumbnail image ,How it's possible to access big image.To solve this issue in the Facebook Regis Gaughan create a new extented photo zoom in Facebook.

  • Photo zoom extension is a small light-weight version by Regis Gaughan for Facebook.

  • It's co-ordinates with Facebook to Zoom your timeline photos.

  • You're in the Drivers Seat with a C$8.29 .COM from
  • By hovering your cursor on your Facebook profile image and friends and family are posted on your timeline image can see a larger image. 

  • To disable you Photo zoom click below icon in the Facebook home page.
You comments always welcome,Below comments box.

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bundle of free Apps on Blackberry apps World

blackberry mobile  apps  free  apps

Many cell phone company they have own apps to afford there user to share image,videos,text message,document,files.Now i am going to survey Blackberry apps world.That gives bundle of free apps for blackberry user to download and install there apps free and buying,In this way you can open your thoughts.Here is a List of blackberry apps.

  1. Facebooksocial network download and install on blackberry smart phone to share friends and family.

  2. Opera mini web browser: for access your web pages fast and freely for Blackberry smart phone.

  3. Blackberry Messenger:it's useful application for mobile user they can share there thoughts and voice.

  4. PicMix: do share photos via social network.

  5. Twitter: social network works on blackberry smart phone to share there feeling.

  6. Blackberry Protect this useful application do,that your smart phone lost are you somewhere left,Download from blackberry  apps world install and create log-in via web anywhere you access.

  7. Photo Studio: works on blackberry smart phone to edit photo.

  8. Google Talk: is instant messenger to your words on blackberry smart phone.

  9. Word Search: play with variety of words on blackberry smart phone.

  10. BeBuzzFree-Led Light Color: keep alarm with different color flashing  on blackberry smart phone.

  11. Battery Booster this one support blackberry smart phone that your are in working process this will support your battery not to drain.

  12. Badoo is a social network,you can meet different kind of people via online,more than one fifty million user's you can find chatting,sharing notes to related friend.

  13. Easy Smiley Pack:use smiley icons and emotags on blackberry smart phone via messenger.

  14. TuneIn Radio: live radio can listen on blackberry smartphone more than  fifty thousand online radio find out on TuneIn 

  15. BlackBerry Bridge: this apps control all division on blackberry smart phone.  

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