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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Google Play Music for Chrome Now Support Drag and Drop to Upload Songs

Image Credit: Google+

Google, Specially invite for Google Play Music that users can upload favorite songs through their own library by using drag and drop method in the Chrome web browser. The developer mentioned the service only support to chrome app. And still it was a lab, users can make arrangement manually to get this service. 

Additionally, you can choose a long music file to upload by clicking "Add Music" on Google Play Music on top of the right hand side, not only this the new lab has mini player and you can go through to click the arrow in the right bottom of the web page, so you can wait what's going on the music to skid the tap. Also the service can do download songs, albums and playlist through from the Web.  

Source: Google+  Via: the next web
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Friday, February 28, 2014

How to Zoom in & Out the Web Page via Chrome browser

Google's Chrome browser is a safe, more reliable and finding web pages very faster ever before. In this wonderful search browser has numerous shortcut keys available and they are kept in hidden place. If you like that many of shortcut keys then you can use it very easily throughout your project. Now I am going to show you the tricks and tips that really useful for you.

Many Software program has Zoom ability to find the web page inside the content and images, for this to access faster a user can use shortcut keys to Zoom in and out. Keyboard and Mouse are the important device that you need to take action above one. 

Just hold down Ctrl with your finger and scroll the mouse wheel to up front to make zoom in or out. This method you can try with Chrome browser. 

Using only Keyboard can make zoom in and out. By holding Ctrl key and press (-) or (+) key to zoom in or out your web page that it comes easily.

To bring default mode reset is the option by holding Ctrl and press 0 that's it. Your Web page will become as a normal view.    

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How to create links in an Html

Html link or Hyperlink is a word,set of words and image that you can click on to skip new document or a new section with in current page.when you place cursor  on to the link side the cursor will turn into hand image.

Link are specifies to Html <a> tag .
<a> tag can works into  two ways.
(1) To create document <a>tag used before href  attributes.
(2) To create bookmark inside document ,you have to use a name attributes. 


<a  href=''''>techfortips</a>
<a> = tag specifies for link
href= attributes specifies destination of link
url = type your website address ( )
link text = you website title. (techfortips )

Open your notepad with web browser or recommended software you can use for html links.
Step -2

 You set the target attributes to the link will open in a new browser window/tab.

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Internet Download Manager Features

  • Internet  download  manager  support   all  kind  of  browser   like   IE, google, AOL , NETSCAPE, MOZILLA , MSN , FIREFOX  and  more, it  have   "Advance  Browser  Integration "  feature  while  downloading.
  • One  click  download  option  on browser.  it  will  connect  to download  link  which you  install  internet  download  manager. Dont  need   do  special  appearance  in your  internet  browser .it  will  catch  the   files  in your  IDM  and  accelerate .   IDM   support  HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and  MMS  protocol
  • IDM  do  youtube   grabber. IDM  can  record  and  download  Flv  file  videos   from  famous  site  Youtube ,Myspace tv, google  videos,
  • Internet  download  manager  make  download   free automatic   virus  and  trojan  .while  download  IDM  can  run  automatically  scan  Adaware ,spybot , Avast  , Avg  anti  virus, McA free ,CCleaner  and  others .its  support  harmful  files.
  • Drag  and   Drop   file  works   downloaded  out of internet   download  manager.
  •  IDM   has  a   website  spider  it  specified   from  web  browser to  filter  the  bad  content. 
  • Multi grabber  project  will  run  a  specified  time  and  you  can  stop them at a  specified  time .
  • Internet  download  manager   support  many  types  of  proxy server  like  Microsoft  ISA , FTP proxy server.
  • Internet  download  manager  can  add  download  link to curent  page .it makes  easy  download  multiple files   from  web browser .
  • Internet  download   manager  can  do organized   download  automatically  use with  defined  download  catogories.       
  • IDM   speed  acceleration  up  to  5 time  due to  it  dynamic file  segmentation technology.
  • Internet  download  manager  will  resume   your   download  file   from  where  you  left  off. you  can  resume  download  file  interrupted  file  lost or dropped  connection  ,computer  shutdown, network  error , or  unexpected  power  disconnect.
  • Simple  installation  wizard  available. it can  do  fast  and  easy   programe .you  check  connection trouble  free  to  IDM .
  • IDM   connect  to internet to set  a time .After  download  files  you can  disconnect or  shutdown  computer  when  its  finished .it  works periodic  synchronization of  files .it  possible  to  create  or schedule  several  download queues  for  download .
  •  IDM  toolbar  available.  you can   customize  on  web browser  on  button clicking .
  • Internet  download  manager  can  access    internet and  proxy  server  using  login  and  password  authentication .
IDM  will  uppear  quick  update version .one  per   week  its  highlight  you to  update .  

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