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Saturday, June 7, 2014 Presenting Facebook Chat Heads Notification to Google Chrome Extension

There is a different way to get chatting notification through from Facebook Messenger. This wonderful option really uses for the people who living all around the world. The idea for this came from that presents Facebook Chat heads notifications on chrome extension. This tool also available on Google Play Store and Apple's iTunes Store as well as. To keep track this notification first of all you need to make add this tool on chrome extension. 

After that you have to make sign in with Facebook account on the app and it will open to a separate Windows page, once you closed the messenger windows and it will continue to get the message on the Windows. Once you open Google browser, you can see on the right of middle you can find your friends heads notification with oxygen filled water sac. And you can see chat message was slowly pushing out. 

Source: Via: addictivetips, Lifehacker 
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Monday, April 7, 2014

gMaps Pro brings Version 3.0 for Windows Phone

The Developer DreamTeam Mobile has made new updates for gMaps Pro v 3.0 for Windows Phone users. 

Once the new updated here after, the company was mention that doesn't affiliated with Google. Inc, and the app have some important features to search nearest location and fast calculating the speed, variety of layer support, and more. 

And also you can share the location using mobile devices like SMS, email, GPS support for driving vehicle and more.  

Hereafter the new version 3.0: 

Newly added search and direction User Interface, finding the location battery is taking more responsibility that not drain always, to find out exact maps third party app support like Waze, Nokia Drive and more over. Finally, it's taken more standardize with improvements. 

Source: gMaps Pro        
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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Facebook brings Share articles, Switch off sound to Paper App

Now you can create and share original stories to friends and the people around the world. The app allows to view in Fullscreen mode, optional drive into flexible design, Facebook news feeds and adding favorite topics into the Paper App. Paper App now gets a new update to the App Store to share articles via Facebook messages, text and email. If you hear the app gets louder noise, then you can turn off the voice at any time any moments. The Story can be written in your language ( Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) and more improvement came on Paper App to make faster. 

Source: Paper App for iOS  Via: iClarified

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

PicCard Creates Photo Greeting Card, Make Charisma from the iPhone Device

The day you want to make special like Valentine's day, birthday Party, wedding day and more. You want to share your loved one within seconds from the app. It's called PicCard app from Softease Tech. The iPhone support software PicCard recently entered into Apple's iTunes Store and it's made fast and beautiful greeting cards. 

The app need to save template which is carrying different types of greeting themes like Wedding day, New year and more. The template contains each three free template theme. If you want to buy more template, then visit in-app store to purchase the template. PicCard app allows your iPhone camera to take pictures and add to them on the eCard. After that it took effort to rearrange the setting of the picture or, you can tap twice on your picture, this one going to allow to share the greeting card on Facebook, Twitter and email service. If you need to change from your eCard, you can transfer to another app for future changes. 

The app makes all easy service to create simple ecards in a second. If you want to make faster, the only choice is PicCard value for editing and sharing, To get this app, just visit on Apple's store to get a free download.  

Source: PicCard    

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Animoto Video Maker v 5.0 adds iOS 7 & specially integrated for iPad

Animoto Video Maker, is an app design for iOS device that brings out your camera roll taking awesome picture and high quality videos. And include your images, music tone, themes to share a beautiful video to friends and everyone. The app version 5.0 has got some supercharge update with universal support and fully remodelled iOS 7.

To create your favorite video clips from the computer or grab from the social network like Facebook, Instagram, Picasa and much supporting social site. And it offers to modernize the video with the helping of images, clips, and fonts as you like it. Finally, you can end the video project and share who like you. via: Appadvice

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Monday, February 10, 2014

WikiExplorer Deliver Simple & Elegant Wikipedia Articles on Android

Wikipedia is a clean interface to read articles, if you are using Smartphone website then it looks perfect. But the features are still showing same background right now. WikiExplorer is a client web app for Wikipedia that improve the layout and content of the articles and make users to read Wikipedia with full functionality. It can sort out the whole articles in the reading list. If you don't have enough time, then save to read the articles as much you want to read into offline mode. The app allows readers to restore the previous content that where you have left off the service, advance setting and automatically open Wikipedia links are available. 

Using WikiExplorer there was in line image will be shown, so users can read the text and preview the picture in full screen size and the content will run behind the screen at the same time you can return your previous page easily. There are more apps available on the Android market to support Wikipedia website, and also each and every app they have their qualities and options. So the users can go through on Google Play Store and download it on your Smartphone and tell me how you feel via comments.  Via: makeuseof 

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Discover your Favorite YouTube Videos Stats With VidIQ vision for Chrome Users

Chrome: Making a Good selection on your YouTube Videos Site Which users can gift the larger view points. How to Know the videos stars in the current field. VidIQ vision is an extension of the Chrome, Which videos makes most popular So far. If you have finest video on your gadget to share on your World broadcast YouTube, You want to upload right Now on it. VidIQ, a YouTube Certified Company that provides bunch of statics like Facebook Comments, Views, Channel Subscriber, FB likes, Tweets and Comments. You no need to Sign in an account to access, With an easy way you can Taste the product. VidIQ is a product that sets with full gizmo to YouTube pages. To get this information from Video Site you need to install from Google chrome extension to grab the VidIQ vision. Click once to add the chrome button On your chrome browser. After the installation You can go through to the YouTube site and find out the gadget from the Video on right side. The total package you can get from a single video, which you has selected from the Video site.  

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

iHeartRadio App Released for Blackberry 10

Blackberry: If you moved to a new blackberry model then iHeartRadio will offer a free live internet Music Station service to you. In this iHeartRadio you can create free custom music songs and related music funds. It gives you more than 1,500 live radio stations including features are Rock Songs, pop, News, Sports, and more have too. Djs find you which are hot or not that giving you thumbs up and thumbs down. iHeartRadio added 16 million songs and 400,000 artists to pick and create own free commercial custom station for free music from a favorite artist. You can use iHeartRadio exclusive Discovery Tuner by restricting to get much variety in the music folder. iHeartRadio recommend stations depending on mood and situation. Whether you're in any condition. The feature guide you find music best moment and Any where you go  find your favorite music station and Blackberry music. You can access iHeartRadio by sign-in to get the service free through email or Facebook make yours. iHeartRadio allow to create, save and share internet radio station where ever you have been. To grab iHeartRadio, just click below give the link. 

Blackberry 10  

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Magisto App for iOS Adds Video and Audio Edit Without Experience Looks Great

iOS: If you know about those things you are a capability to do or you should be an experienced gentlemen relevant work that makes you very simply. Are you having to train somewhere else to get these major projects to be done. What can we do or we hire third party application that generates lots of construction easily. Magisto is a an App for iOS which is doing video and photo editing those who don't have enough experience or known well all kinds of video editing almost. Now you can decide your Magisto App support like movie maker as a developer. In this App once you feed your video or photos to create via edit and show you to gather for you, looks a professionally on an edit that you will be satisfied the way you share with friends and colleagues. Magical Video Editor features included: this service has a 24 /7 on your iPhone and iPod that makes you analyze, trims, edit all parts of videos. After creating videos allowing to share Facebook timeline, Twitter, email and YouTube Broadcast. In this setting have filter option, Sound effect and transfer files. Save music songs from Magisto library subscriber. Here magical to access movie from any devices as well as some bug fixes too. You will get possibility rank, what you will get, while downloading for future video editing. That's it.  [Source: Magisto/iTunes Store

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Twitter Adds Double Security Verification

Twitter announced on his blog post, introducing double layer authentication sign-in process, those who regularly use their own twitter account.
User to sign-up Twitter will send to your mobile or email with six digit message code to sign-in  Along with username and password enter code to log in.
This double secure process already brought some famous social network like Facebook, Microsoft Corp and Google Search engine as well as.

How to start double secure sign-in on

Just visit your Twitter account and click ''settings'' option.
[Screenshot Credit : Syed Ali]

Through Account setting, Just follow these image steps it takes you through your double secure authentication log-in.

[Screenshot Credit : Syed Ali]
[Screenshot Credit : Syed Ali]
[Screenshot Screen: Syed Ali]
[Screenshot Credit : Syed Ali]
[Screenshot Credit : Syed Ali]
[Screenshot Credit : Syed Ali]
[Screenshot Credit ; Syed ali]
[Screenshot Credit : Syed Ali]
[Screenshot Credit : Syed Ali]
Now the setting will be saved changes and again try to sign in on Twitter account and it will be asking you after username and password with six digit message code which you received on your mobile device.that's it.
[Source : Blog.twitter]
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