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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Double Twist AirPlay Recorder now Support to Mac Notebook

Image Credit: doubletwist 

Anyway, you did before, that iTunes Radio or Audio service available on your Android Market to record the songs on your Smartphone device. Now the new update can over on your Mac Notebook right now. Double Twist AirPlay support for Mac OS X to record the song through from the iTunes audio or live stream to listen in offline mode. 

The double Twist AirPlay Recorder now directs available as Airplay on iTunes. To run the recorder choose the 'dt recorder' through from the iTunes AirPlay, which itself comes audio and streaming song. These music files will be saved on your Recorder folder. And it will allow to record 10 seconds of music files, if you need full version the you have to pay some penny like the $10 price tag. 

This Double Twist AirPlay Recorder only support to Mac OS X and to download the tool and it comes easily. 

Via: Engadget    Source: Doubletwist
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Friday, June 28, 2013

Digg Brings New Updates on iOS With Digg Readers Support and Import Google Reader Feeds/Folder

Credit: iTunes

Digg Reader is coming through with lot's of new updates, but some of the features have been rolled out to iOS users. You Can import Google readers feeds and folders on Digg, before Google closing date of July 1st. Once you are in, what Kind of facility is there? You can migrate your feeds and folders from Google readers. Follow shortcuts keys easily like Same Google. Created article you can transport into Instapaper, Pocket and Readability. Need and comments there are an option to share Social Network sites. Save post and view later with private or public. The huge impress is you can easily find feeds by clicking "Add" button and type your name that's it. Digg says there has to come more feature and benefits for Digg readers. 
[Source: Digg Blog] Via: iTunes

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Get Some Awesome Free Photo on iTunes Apps

Some powerful editor apps give you to make photo’s everything easily and amazing creation with the iTunes Apps. Getting a best photos and save you on desktop or laptop nothing use instead of you share your friends and colleagues and to the world wide. There are many social networks available to share your photo like Facebook, Twitter and instagram not only you can deliver by printing photo available iTunes Apps. Let you can see how the apps dancing with photos.

Pic Stitch

Adobe Photoshop Express

Photo Editor 



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Monday, April 15, 2013

The Best 5 Health and Fitness on iTunes

Health and Fitness is mainstream for our body. To maintain our fitness and keep our information daily bases on these apps as a record, If you think where I should keep my nutrition information. Things are changing day by day, But you can’t keep as a file or folder  document, Now a day it all came easy to handle such a things . There are millions of apps available on an itune to support health and fitness to do free of service, so far we found  some applications that will useful those who maintain the health and fitness.  Tracking your nutrition to put on health and fitness apps . Easy access on the iPhone to do all this . Fast feature enables screen on the iPhone apps to apply your notes on the go . So you are ready to go and get some best iPhone apps here given below try it and enjoy!  


Lose It!


iWeight Deluxe

Weight Watches

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